[PES2011] Gameplay tool & New Gameplay patch next version work in progress

next update - work in progress
Defender reaction when he saw the ball through (compare with PES2012 trailer here - see at 2:12 and you will find the diffirent)
Newest clip - defender block through pass

Increased accurate for COM's long shot

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  1. 匿名6/06/2011

    Will yair be having a new patch as well? I prefer the way your patch plays jenkey but I feel his allows more for the top players to take on defenders

  2. :D make your choice cause everybody have own opinion
    I cant do the things he did but will do the things I can ;)
    except konami made, we have 2 gameplay for choice, isnt it good ?

  3. 匿名6/06/2011

    lol I suppose if I had stuck with what Konami make I would be playing FIFA right now :p

  4. 匿名6/07/2011

    HI jenkey,

    can you make our player already pressing opponent player when throw in?

  5. 匿名6/08/2011

    Hey Jenkey just want to mention that I feel its hard even for good players eg rooney to turn on the ball :D thankyoubye

  6. 匿名6/08/2011

    it would be so awesome if it was possible to edit the camera settings (possible to make it far away) cause the camera settings patch 1.6 doesnt work with jenkey gameplay patch :(

  7. 匿名6/08/2011

    It would be awesome if POST player stays in the middle (not to come closer to WING or near post )while WING dribbling into corner

  8. Did you "enable manual camera setting" in config tool ?

  9. 匿名6/09/2011

    Yes, it didn't work but I tried the PES 2010 camera and the camera settings patch 1.6 suddenly works on jenkey gameplay patch! so its all great now :)

  10. 匿名6/09/2011

    Btw I meant the camera settings while playing (wide, broadcoast etc) there's an patch that let you edit the height etc for that. Dunno if you though I was talking about the camera settings on Jenkey's gameplay patch.

  11. when will you have?You are the best maker of the Pes.