[PES2012 demo] Unlock tool new feature - LOD mixer (preview)

now we have LOD mixer changeable ingame : Minimum vs Maximum (click to picture for larger)
Minimum vs Maximum
Ingame max graphic setting

4 件のコメント:

  1. Tunizizou9/11/2011

    Amazing work Jenkey !
    Can't wait to try this lod mixer :D
    We want max details ,
    anyway , yair found how to remove the blur effect !
    PES 2012 will be epic

  2. 匿名9/11/2011

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeh man amazing work ..

    epic king jankey

  3. Darkc0de9/11/2011

    jenkey for who has the pc can only play well in media quality that will go well??


  4. :D I can play smothly with LOD maximum in my PC.
    core i7 930 & nvidia GTX580. I guess in next demo, graphic will be better than now.