[Music] I love you - Piano by Jenkey1002

I love you - Piano by Jenkey1002

Arranged by 尾崎豊
Piano perfomance : Jenkey1002
Software : Cubase 5.1, Adobe After Effect CS5
Clip used cutscence from "1 Litre Of Tears"

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  1. wow you are so talented! thanks for all the tweaks and patches on PES.

  2. Pretty much Jenkey1002! is good to know you play piano!

    I am here in Brazil and keyboardist play in the evangelical church .. I do not play much, but it helps a lot and I love keyboards, pianos .. I have a Roland XP30 and I really enjoy it!

    success in music and in PES!

  3. wow,very nice song.did u listen chinese song too;-)
    this song from aaron kwok(到底有谁能够告诉我)

  4. 匿名9/22/2012

    wow nice