[PES2012] Gameplay tool : New gamplay patch full version 1.10 (08/10)

PES2012 Gameplay tool : New gameplay patch 1.10 full version


Gameplay tool version 1.10 change log :
  • Increase range for shot power's silider
  • Fix bugs when use "Removal AI script"
  • Add "New Gameplay mode"
New gameplay mode change log :
  • Decrease dribble accurate
  • New goalnet physic

Gameplay tool features :
  • Replay disable (optionable)
  • Blurry disable : sharpen graphic
  • Work with anypatch & non-patch
  • Comtiable with Kitserver also no-kitserver
  • Leagueserver module included (optionable)
  • Slider for ball physic

Gameplay changelog :
  • Improve physic
  • Changed ball physic : lighter ball, curving shot
  • Changed ball rebound
  • Change shot power
  • AI balance : remove AI cheating script
  • Realistic dribble

Download : (full 1.1.0) http://adf.ly/36GxX

How to install & play :
- Play game with "PES2012 1.01 - Gameplay run"
- Alway run it as Administrator & disable antivirus (or add to exception list) if have warning
- Disable "Removal AI script" if notice something wrong

Clip : ball physic curving shot

Credits : Juce, Komu, Yair, Barcafan, Tunizizou

Enjoy & dont foget feedback for help me improve it !  

36 件のコメント:

  1. When can we expect this? ;)

    I really need it and improved GKs! Because Goalkeepers are a big let down for me (fumbling easy shots + rebound = goal).

    Please please jenkey release beta today!

  2. please be harder! 1.01 too easy..

  3. Darkc0de10/04/2011

    jenkey works original exe ??????

  4. yes, it works with DVD & no-DVD

  5. Hi jenkey1002

    I really appreciate your work

    I have 1 little request can you make music patch with the same song you include in demo patch "Вне зоны доступа" by Город 312 (gorod 312 vne zon dostupa) because i can't play witchout this :)

  6. Great works really, thank you for your patches.
    Do you think is possibile to do something to improve the defensive skills? I think the game is not well balanced this year.

  7. Hi jenkey1002

    I really appreciate your work

    I have request ...
    can you make tool for Master League Money ?
    I need it

  8. Can't Play pes Unless your patch and fix i discover your work on the net and i think Konami need you !!!! Beacause PES 2012 Have lot of bugs !!!!

    Thank You for your work !!! Greating From France and Your game play tools for Pes 2011 Was a revolution for Foot Ball Lovers Hope For 2012 You will Do It Again ... I Trust in You My Mennnnnn !!!!

    Kanfoiré on Youtube !!!!

  9. can you posts a beta version please ?

    i really need to disable the replays... im going insane with this shit...

  10. Darkc0de10/06/2011

    if you want beta tester im here :p


    thanks and good work

  11. Great job jenkey, been a fan for quite some time now, i introduced you to my friends and they all love you here in germany. i just need to make afew request though, see the last gameplay patch is perfect, the shots dribble and i love the keepers now but there's a small bug i noticed that kept happening every now and then, when i pass the ball to a player infront the ball suddenly goes back, like the oposite direction of what i intended, hope you'll look into that. my other request is rather selfish but i really need you to do this for us. see i've been trying to ask patch creators to create to add the Kenyan national team to the game but no one has been able to and i've been asking for the last 2 year now :( . well i realise your fan base is growing faster everyday and if i dont make this request early enough alot of pple are gonna make lots of requests that it would be impossible to achieve. please consider creating the kenyan team in future patches. your work is not taken for granted where im at. thanks bro

  12. Hi there, really good job with the shooting stuff, konami messed up bad this time :( Anyways, notice one bug, when players have the ball near the goal, and will for the shoot totally unmarked sometimes the shoot almost at the corner flag?
    Great job anyway ^^

    PS: Dribbling is fine isn't? :D

  13. Everyone talks about scripting so much. jenkey could you explain somewhere what exactly AI scripting is because you are the one who can see that logic in code?

  14. thnx a lot jenkey

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  16. enkey, Konami should hire you, you took this game to unbelievable level!!

    any chance you can make manual pass real manual not semi-assisted? if you played fifa12 you would know how manual pass feels like!

  17. thank you very much i am thai

  18. make full manual pass is not difficult but instead that you can hold RT or R2 to use manual pass.
    Cause it's hard for everyone for control full manual pass

  19. Thank's it is works :)
    But unfortunately at become a legend when I use this Gameplay tool, player rate cannot reach 8.0, maximum player rate only 6.0. So I can't accomplish the mission.

  20. hey Man, great job with the patches!
    however some of us prefer the gameplay patch 1.0. for us the gameplay was perfect except for the passing bug. could you kindly please reapload the previous one with the bug fixed?
    my friends feel the game has become difficult to make quick turns and the players dribble the ball too far from their feet which makes it easier for the pc to snatch it from them. thanks jenkey

  21. Darkc0de10/08/2011

    the image loses quality and the game is running slow and fast, while it harms your eyes look at the screen when the ball goes from side to side, the field image is blurred.
    I have the original exe, Windows XP,Intel Pentiun D CPU 3,40GHz 1GB ram, all yours, patch for 2011 played very well
    Please help


    very small white spots are appearing across the screen
    I have Nvidia GeForce 7350 LE

  22. Awsome job!
    But as Rawk! was saying, me and my friends prefer the 1.0, we liked the dribble ^^
    Can you upload witout the bug please?
    Thank you very much!

  23. Really good job Jenkey!
    But as many alread said, the dribble got very weird, its strange player like messe or anyone who have high dribble attribute, to dribble like that, can you please upload the 1.0 without the bug?
    I would apricciate alot!

  24. Does not work for me. Still the same problem: click on PES2012 1.01 - Gameplay run.exe (Run as administrator) and a black window appears, with the loading symbol and then stop.
    Help please!

  25. tunizizou10/09/2011

    Hi jenkey :)
    1.10 works great !

    I hope in the next version you work on chant mixer :)
    (4 barca chants , 4 madrid chants)

  26. Great job!there are some kind of bugs.
    -the game sometimes freeze
    -sometimes go speed sometimes go slow
    -the ball is not very heavy also if you put on lighter
     I love the dribbling!
    Can you do something against automatic cross?
    Thanks for everything!

  27. Really nice!
    Tho the dribbling inst realistic at all :( The player always keep the ball near hes foot, like the 1.0Version, it was perfect
    As many already asked, can you upload version 1.0 without the bug?
    Thanks a lot :D

  28. Sometimes lost some pieces of animations between shoot or cross or dribblinh!

  29. it have many bugs...

    - when the ball cross ahead the Gk have an animation bug: the gk dissapear and re spawn in the left.

    - many replay cameras are wrong directed. doesn't show the players...

    excuse my bad english

  30. Yes i have a lot of bugs too, also with the Removal AI script disabled.

    After a goal in the esultation view the game get blocked and i have to terminate it.

  31. Darkc0de10/09/2011

    good jenkey
    I've tried and options screen is to disabled
    removes the blur because I have in my game dt04

    but the same

    But for me it is not the worst.
    The worst thing is the players run very fast and the image to follow, is blurred and does much evil in the eyes
    the picture moves very slowly

    but I'm the only one having this problem so it must be my PC
    thanks anyway friend found strange because I've always played their patch
    for Pes 2011 no problem

  32. hi,Dual - graphics,can not enter game! can you fix it ???thanks

  33. Doesn't work here either, game freezes with black screen on very start up.

  34. YEah agree with philip

    "many replay cameras are wrong directed. doesn't show the players..."
    Plz fix it :)

  35. fixed, you can see new version changelog