[PES2012] Gameplay tool : New gameplay patch 1.0 (06/10)

PES2012 Gameplay tool : New gameplay patch 1.0 beta


Gameplay tool features :
  • Replay disable (optionable)
  • Blurry disable : sharpen graphic
  • Work with anypatch & non-patch
  • Comtiable with Kitserver also no-kitserver
  • Leagueserver module included (optionable)
  • Slider for ball physic

Gameplay changelog :
  • Improve physic
  • Changed ball physic : lighter ball, curving shot
  • Changed ball rebound
  • Change shot power
  • AI balance : remove AI cheating script
  • Realistic dribble

Download : (beta 1.0.0) http://adf.ly/33M5Y

Bugs : have passing bug if you select "Removal AI cheating script". Dont use it is my recommended.

How to install & play :

Clip : ball physic curving shot

Credits : Juce, Komu, Yair, Barcafan, Tunizizou

Enjoy & dont foget feedback !  

20 件のコメント:

  1. Thanks, man but don´t forget to do the League Server Please!
    Have a lot of things we need it.
    We can´t add a Team, or Select the Teams, for our New League. :=( Help us.

  2. This gameplay patch is awesome. Thanks Jenkey!

  3. Very nice Beta! :) Are you able to fix the pass system too? When i load a pass in PES 2011 and the kicker strike out to the ball, i was always able to change the route of the ball, in the last moment before he hit the ball. In PES 2012 is it a problem i think, because i cant change it it anymore, when i press in a route and push the pass button. Sorry for my bad english, it would be nice if you can answer me! Thank you :)

  4. after change settings, should run the game by "PES2012 1.01 - Gameplay run"? but the graphic quality will be lower than "pes2012.exe".
    Is there any way to solve this problem?

    also, i dont know what to choose on "General setting" of "PES2012 1.01 - Gameplay config", there are many EXE file.

  5. Thanks a lot dude!

  6. can you tell us the best config for it plaseeeeeeeee

  7. Original configuration is best config
    dont need change nothing, just copy & play

  8. Why run file can't run?; but original is can be run

  9. Darkc0de10/06/2011

    Anyone know why the game to me ta slow it harms your eyes up,

    and also see if flies very small

    Can someone give me a hint??

  10. Doesn't work for me. When i click on PES2012 1.01 - Gameplay run (Run as administrator) a black page with the blue loading symbol appears. The symbol turn 2 times and then stop.
    Help please!

  11. @Darkc0de : what did you meant ? can you give some screenshot ?

    @Cantazaro : it's compatible with PES2012 version 1.01 only
    update if you havent yet

  12. yes I have seen. But I installed it and it still does not work.

  13. on which speed settings do you play? Could you give more details in the readme or in you blog r what variables in ram you hack with your tool? This thing is really good and seems to balance the game play well. I also like lighter ball and stronger shot much better. Please, give some more details. This is really interesting staff. any chance to share source code? Thanks!

  14. Darkc0de10/07/2011

    the image loses quality and the game is running slow and fast, while it harms your eyes look at the screen when the ball goes from side to side, the field image is blurred.
    I have the original exe, Windows XP,Intel Pentiun D CPU 3,40GHz 1GB ram, all yours, patch for 2011 played very well
    Please help


    very small white spots are appearing across the screen
    I have Nvidia GeForce 7350 LE

  15. Hi jenkey!
    First of all i would like to say thank you for your great work!
    This is outstanding, really!

    Secondly, I have one qustion for you, is it possible to take the gameplay from PES 2012 Demo-2 and put it on full game?
    i really like the original gameplay from second demo. It would be great if you make it available for full game.


  16. Is it compatible with any PESEdit patch ?

  17. does it work in training ?

  18. Hi, I'm having the same exact problem as Catanzaro. Also running 1.01 updated version of PES2012 (no dvd).

    Please help

  19. There is an error to increase the speed of the game.
    The ball is ejected, before the goalkeeper kicks.

  20. i followed exactly the instructions but when i run "PES2012 1.01 - Gameplay run" as an admin, game seems to be started in task manager(i can see it under the processes) but it actually doesn't start. Can anyone help me??