[PES2012] Gameplay tool - Version 6.4.2 (compatiable 1.06)

Gameplay tool - Version 6.4.2 (05/07)
Gameplay tool version 6.42 :
  • Update : compatible KONAMI official patch 1.06

New Gameplay mode changelog :
  • Improve game's physic
  • Adjustment : speed, AI active, Player movement... 
  • Improve GK reaction 
  • Remove many unstopable movement & AI script
Gameplay tool features list :
  • Unlock all leagues in UEFA CL & COPA LIBERTADORES
  • Unlock all leagues selection in CUP mode
  • Change match time
  • Freeside selection
  • On/off replay logo
  • Use more replay data
  • On/off crowd in stadium
  • Ball selection
  • Fast start game option
  • Multi-scoreboard - ingame switchable (requirement addtion scoreboard)
  • StadiumServer : add more stadium without replace
  • Referee kit selection in game (Press F5 to select - before start match)
  • Replay disable (optionable)
  • Blurry disable : sharpen graphic
  • Work with anypatch & non-patch
  • Comtiable with Kitserver also no-kitserver
  • Leagueserver module included (optionable)
  • Slider for ball physic, ball speed
  • Change game physic
  • Change shot power
  • AI balance : remove AI cheating script
  • Realistic dribble
Keymap (default) :
  • F1/F2 : Show/hide menu ingame
  • F3/F4 : Switch scoreboard, name will be shown in top-left
  • F5 :  Switch referee kits
  • F6 :  Snow turf mode (requirement : Full pack HD turf for all stadium)
  • F7 : Switch Realtime AI tactic mode
  • F8 : Show/Hide AI status bar
  • 1,2 : Ball selection ingame
Version 6.42 :  http://adf.ly/8EZqC

Addon 26 in 1 scoreboard : http://adf.ly/6OmXm
Addon Snowturf (if dont wanna download Turf pack ) : http://adf.ly/6Gite

How to install & play :
  • Play game with "PES2012 - Gameplay run" or Attach gameplay tool direct to your exe file
  • Alway run it as Administrator & disable antivirus (or add to exception list) if have false alarm
How to use addition scoreboard : 
  • Extract & move to "dt06.img"  in kitserver folder
  • Exam root : 
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\kitserver\pesedit-scoreboards\img\dt06.img\

Credits : Juce, Komu, Barcafan, Tunizizou, Hany3
Special thanks to 
  • Scoreboards makers :Stranxk, KO, Taxk, Hickville
  • Sound effect master : Hasan Mustan
  • Adboard makers : 88lucagall, lobosemillas
  • Language translation : w!Ld@, Tottimas, Tunizizou,Dunksuriya, Taxk,M@tsumot0,NeC,Paul @WECN,Blink CLXXXII,bukowski, altair, Enzo, Mitsaras4, Hudo, Maize
Enjoy & leave your comments below !

25 件のコメント:

  1. Not compatible. Every time I try to use this i have a crash.

    Please fix.

  2. 6.42 does not support the 1.06 patch; it says so in the gameplay config file (1.01, 1.02 and 1.03 are supported). The 'attach' option is ghosted out.

  3. 匿名5/08/2012

    Newgameplay 6.42 + PESEdit 3.3.1 = Crash

  4. Newgameplay 6.42 + PESEdit 3.3.1 = nothing wont even load up run as admin and it stays on desktop as if I aint even clicked on the PES2012.EXE please fix this i cant play the game without it the cheating script where the CPU scores from FKS all the time is a joke

  5. not working on windows 7 64-bit

  6. 匿名5/09/2012

    hey jenkey i have latest pes shop patch 1.7 , and i attach gameplay tool to pesshop.exe and i get an error , the game wont even start , and i gotta attach it because i cant use this patch over pes2012.exe then everything is default , plz help

  7. 匿名5/09/2012

    Works if you don't attach the "pes2012.exe" and start the game via "PES2012 - Gameplay run.exe"

  8. 匿名5/09/2012

    Is posible edit the parametres in config by coma? shoot 38,5 for example etc? thanks

  9. Not working .. fait to start

  10. 匿名5/09/2012

    I have the same problem as everyone else, it won't even start (stays in desktop like nothing was clicked). I think Jenkey is already fixing his tool

  11. I have the same problem as everyone else, it won't even start (stays in desktop like nothing was clicked). I think Jenkey is already fixing his tool

    I am also having the same problem

  12. 匿名5/09/2012

    It's works when you use jenkey pes2012.exe no DVD 1.06
    I'm using PESEDIT patch 3.3.1 and even yair patch 4.0 (1.06).
    To use yair patch you must deattach and attach his file witch kitserver manager then in gameplay config attach ONLY yair patch.

  13. 匿名5/09/2012

    i works for me now with pes shop patch but with gameplay run , if u have any patches u must run the game over pes 2012 exe not patch exe that u get when u install the patch , so if patch have its own exe u must go in kitserver and manager and attach the kitserver to pes 2012 exe and then run it over gameplay run

  14. There's a workaround and it's indeed the jenkey pes2012.exe no-DVD (patch 1.06 version). No problems. Had wanted to avoid using the no-dvd since I purchased it via ebay, but this will do quite nicely :)

  15. i can't play pes2012 because of this...
    after i put all the downloaded file to PES folder, i attach it and i run the "gameplay run" the thing won't even start, and i run the "pes2012.exe" don't work either.
    and i delete the jenkey file from that folder, and it always same problem. nothing is start

  16. 匿名5/12/2012

    well dont attach nothing and run it over gameplay run

  17. 匿名5/12/2012

    In my pes 2012, v1.06, 4,0, with pes edit 3,3 + fix 3.3.1 works but with a problem when the marking switch "enable league server module" disappears the Americas of the game.

  18. 匿名5/12/2012

    I think the default “ball speed“ and ”shot power“ in official 1.06 has been changed (not be ”shot power“20 ; “ball speed“ 100 any more). Is it possible to redefine these ”default“ value?

  19. 匿名5/13/2012

    Jenkey, please update :/

  20. 匿名5/19/2012

    how to play online with private server?

  21. and disable the option of selecting ball?
    although he may cambir pressing 1 and 2 is as if we would stay one fixed, and do not disable this.
    who can help me on this question of gameplay tool to let me e-mail to peswords00@gmail.com, thanks

  22. 匿名5/23/2012

    hey Jenkey, there's a problem with who play with a xbox gamepad!..in the exibition mode when you choose your profile/avatar, the button Y and X, are both disabled..another problem is config.exe and run.exe..with Vista or 7, the only way to run these application is forcing to use a modality compatibility with Windows Xp Service Pack 2 or Windows Server 2003!!..fix it please! thnx in advance!


  23. Epale yenkey saludos, mi problema este gameplay 6.4.2 NO es compatible con el pesedit 3.3.1, como hacemos? vas a sacar algun fixed? gracias

  24. hi jenkey...i have a problem...after im reinstalling my windows..the gameplay tool didnt work on new pes 2012 fresh install..duno why...the proccess is show on task manager but the tool didnt apear on my desktop...can anyone help me? i need the shooting power feature on the gameplay tool
    psp games download

    1. please try new version 6.4.5.