PES 2013 Demo - Unlock teams tool 1.06 + New camera plugin

Unlock teams tool

Fatures list :
  • Unlock setting : ball, stadium, match config...
  • LOD mixer
  • Enforce Image quality
  • Attaching : allow to attach unlocker to any pes2013 demo exe file
  • Speeder
  • Replay disable (switchable)
  • Blur disable (switchable)
  • Module : scoreboard switcher, stadium switcher, camera switcher
  • Plugin : adboardserver, gameplay, settings saver
  • Camera setting plugin : adjust camera's value
  • Ingame screen capture : allow to take screenshot ingame

Change log :
- Improvement process speed
- No longer need 3rd library : does not require installation directX runtime

New camera preview :

Beta (1.06) : http://adf.ly/Ccmfx

Credit :
  • Master Juce for kitserver sourcecode.
  • Carby for settings unlocker
Configuration tips :

Install/uninstall plugin :
  • Open unlock config.exe -> Plugin -> select plugin and press install or uninstall for active/deactive that plugin
  • or use notepad edit unlock.ini
    1=adbserv.dll -> write dll name
Use PES2012 stadiums for PES2013 demo :
  • Copy dt07 from pes2012's "img" folder
  • rename to dt08 and move to pes2013 demo's "img" folder, overwrite old file.
  • Open unlock config.exe and active "Stadium switch module"
  • Ingame selection : in top menu, use "I,J,K,L" for navigate & select
How to add adboard for adboardserver
Use external img file instead original
  • Open unlock.ini and edit
    dt04 = 1
    dt08 = 1
    dt0b = 1
    dt0c = 1
    dt0d = 1
    dt0f = 1
    expand = 1
  • example : dt04 = 1, the game will load "ex04.img" instead "dt04.img", if don't want it please change to "0"
    if not the game will crash.
    "expand = 1" allow to load expanded img file.
Add team :
  • Open "teams.ini" in unlock folder
    team.count = 4
    team.copa = 1
    [team list]
    1 = 5
    2 = 6
    3 = 12
    4 = 14
    team.count is team's amount
    team.copa is on\off 4 Copa Libertadores teams.
  • in [team list] write the ID of team which want to add, team by team.

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  2. Jenkey, this looks nice, but i want to know one thing, will be able to download all mode menu with master league and that?

  3. Fabio Silva you must be an idiot.How can Jenkey make a full game out of the demo? Just wait 3 more weeks and get the full game.

  4. Good job with the explanation of how 2012 stadiums may work in the 2013 demo, thank you! I found out that 2012 stadiums actually look funny, e.g. stadium personnel may be positioned slightly inside the playing field, so I am sticking with the default stadium only. BTW this new unlock beta, activates ALL menus of the demo, so it is possible for someone to select e.g. Champions League, in which case the game crashes because there is no Champions League code. You may want to take care of this. Again, thank you very much for all your efforts!