[PES2011] 2010 FIFA World Cup Commentary Patch for PES2011

• Author: Merdiso (Romania)
• Version: 1.0
• KONAMI @ Tokyo (Pro Evolution Soccer 2011)
• EA Sports @ Canada (2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Commentary)
• Winning Eleven Next-Gen Team (AFS Explorer)
• Sony Corporation (Sound Forge 10)
• Rinaldo (Sound Master 10)
• Evo-Web Forums (s03_h4nd1 - Commentary Pop-Ups Editing ; Selected BETA Testers)
• PESRomania
Download: 2 parts
Change log:
• I added some missing callname & commentary from KONAMI's original file
• Extract & copy to "img" folder in PES2011 installed path
ex : C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\img
• Dont forget backup your original file "dt00_e.img" first
enjoy !

4 件のコメント:

  1. 匿名4/29/2011

    Thanks For Every things...Thank you ....Nice Job..

  2. 匿名6/07/2011

    Thanks jenkey for your great gameplay tool !
    I got at least a problem with the fifa commentaries... I extracted the files 100% corretctly, but I still get the PES commentary :(. I use kitsever 11 and your gameplay tool 0.6! Any chance for help?

    Thanks ;)

  3. After extrated, you must move that file (dt00_e.img) to

    C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\img\

    and replace original file dt00_e.img (rename it for backup if need)

  4. 匿名6/08/2011

    Hey Jenkey!Thanks for your response! Sorry for my bad description about the problem. I extracted and copied/replaced the dt00_e.img as you mentioned in the post above and in your install guide.
    The funny thing I get - and I even don't know why - is the problem with the wrong commentator. I still get the old PES commentator instead of the new fifa commentator.Anyway, I looked at the creation date of both - the fifa and pes dt00_e.img - which is just different and they also don't have the same size.
    Anyway, I still get the old PES commentator...

    How frustrating and wired!

    Thanks for your reply