PES2017 File Loader 0.0.1 Comming soon ...

Sorry for late. Last month I worked hard for decoding and research new struct. I need a little time to catch up with new features in PES2017.
New fileloader will coming up this month with some specific features.

Upcoming plugin : 

- Fileloader
- Gameplay
- Camera

Download link will be here as soon as possible. Thanks for your supports all the time :D !!!


PES2017 File Loader

PES2017 File Loader project started.
I got some news.
- Still be able to inject code to exe like PES2014 File loader method.
- There's a encrypted part in gameplay parameters. It might be harder.
- Camera's params seems quite similar with 2 years ago.


Update 10/14
- Almost finish a demo version, issue is game crash randomly.
I will post a beta as soon as I find the way to solve that problem.


Yay ! I got PES2017

I got my PES2017 copy. Now working on new tool.
I made a survey. Please give me some ideas. Thank you for your supports !!!


Fifa15 File Loader work-in-progress

Fifa15 File Loader

New features : 
  • Game speeder : change gameplay speed
  • Ingame menu : switch mod easily
General Features : 
  • This tool will help modding easier and faster without modifing system file or any regenerate tool.  
  • Works with compressed & uncompressed data. 
Supports :  
  • FIFA15 demo & FIFA15 full version 
  • 64 bit compatible

    Work-in-progress :  50% 
    It's working now but still has some issues and random crashing.

    Screenshot :

    Testing with full game


    Fifa File Explorer 2015 beta coming soon

    Changelog & new features :
    • Adapt to support Fifa15's file
    • Allow to open >2gb file
    • Import rx3 texture with free size, no crash (fixed)
    • GUI now resizeable
    Snapshots :

    Features :
    • Support FIFA11 -> FIFA15 file format
    • Support drag & drop
    • Support : .big, .rx3, .dds, .bh, .rx3 ...
    • Import, export with 10 popular picture format : png, bmp, tif, tga, dds ...
    • Import, export file
    • Hex editor
    • BH editor
    • Text editor
    • Image resize, convert
    Download : 
    (soon) Im waiting for full game release, need testing some files.

    Any suggestions are welcome.


    PES2014 File Loader + noDVD 1.12

    Change log version : 
    • Updated plugin : 
      • Gameplay.dll : 
        • Tweak some values fit with lastest game version
      • Speeder.dll
        • Improve performance optimizer mode : reduce lagging during replay & cut scenes
        • more smooth cursor moving
      • Controller.dll
        • Changed vibration method (beta)
      • Other plugins : 
        • Compatiable with offical patch 1.12
    Download : beta
    (Addition) PES2014 noDVD 1.12 exe :
    • Download : http://adf.ly/keZnj
    • Extract all file to game folder
    • Run pes2014.exe as Administrator 
    • Enjoy and use at your own risk
    • It was made by my friend, all credits go to him.
    About bug reporting : 
    Please leave your comment about noticed bug. I have to go for reallife work in a week. I'll fix when come back home.  


    PES File Explorer 2014 version released 04-13

    Changelogs :
    • Fixed bug when import apk texture 
    • Fixed bug when open pes2013 bin file
      Changelogs :
      • Fixed some known bugs :
        • Error when rename block
        • File was corrupted sometime when save apk file
      • Loading cpk & bin is much faster than before
      • Improved apk's quality when import from png
      • Fixed UI flick when running in windows 8.1
      • Fixed bug when loading FIFA's BIG format
      • Updated libpng to 1.6.10
      Download : Version full

      Zippyshare : http://adf.ly/jaN9d
      Moddingway : http://adf.ly/jaN9e


      PES 2014 High Definition mod exe

      Description :
      • High quality graphic mod for PES2014
      • Based on PES2014 exe (patch 1.07)
      How to use:
      • Extract to all file to game folder 
      • Run pes2014.exe as Administrator
      Recommended :
      • Backup your old file before using
      • HD exe requires good PC for running smoothly

      Zippyshare : http://adf.ly/jYfOB
      Moddingway : http://adf.ly/jYfOC

      HD mod



      PES2014 File Loader small update

      Change log version : (small update - not nessesary to download if you dont get any problem with older version)
      • Updated plugin : 
        • Gameplay.dll : 
          • Fixed bugs for AI force mode
        • Faceloader : 
          • Fixed bugs when using with patch 1.06
      • Updated main module : 
        • Improve compatiability 
        • Fixed some minor bugs when use with patch 1.07
        • Fixed bug : settings.exe cannot start
      Note : 
      • I stopped developing Songloader module (that was removed from plugin list already) , please dont ask about crash problem due using songloader, use it at your own risk


      PES File Explorer 2014 version released 04-10

      Changelogs :
      • Add option : 
        • change DDS compression
        • change Zlib compress level
      • New feature : 
        • APK 2d surface editor
      • Update : 
        • Allow to rename block of apk and bin file
        • Tool's UI to be resizeable
      • Fixed bugs when save file
      • Some minor tweaks
      ! Must read ! :
      • Modified APK file works only with File Loader or any newer version that supports ApkLoader plugin. Make sure "ApkLoader.dll" be added in plugin list.
      • Export file from CPK before modify
      • Alway backup your file before editing and use the tool with your own risk.
      Preview new features : 
      APK 2d surface edit
       photo 2_zpsf7255637.png
       photo 3_zps9fbc34a7.png 
       photo 5_zpsda7e63ed.png

      Download : Version

      Zippyshare : http://adf.ly/jHYM8
      Moddingway : http://adf.ly/jHYM9


      PES2014 File Loader full version + noDVD 1.07

      !! New Small fix ()
      • Fixed bug for Faceloader : edit mode does not apply 
        Change log version : full version
        • Updated plugin : 
          • Speeder.dll
            • Speed module now works on lastest patch
          • Kitloader.dll
            • New addition option to use Nvidia CUDA for speed-up kit loading
          • Apkloader.dll : 
            • Improve speed : loading edited apk file is about 10% faster
          • Gameplay.dll : 
            • Updated some values fit with lastest game version
            • Gameplay slider works properly now 
            • Fixed some bugs
          • Faceloader.dll : 
            • Fixed bug when using with DLC 3.00
        Available plugin : 
        • APKloader : allow to use modified texture in APK crypted file
        • KitLoader.dll : Manage kits with GDB system, supports PNG kit
        • FaceLoader.dll : Assign face & hair for player, manage with GDB system, support custom skin texture
        • Lodmixer.dll : Misc visual tweaks, change screen resolution, enforce picture quality...
        • SongLoader.dll : Allow to add & playback hca file ingame
        • VideoLoader.dll : Addition feature for fileloader can load video file (.usm)
        • Gameplay.dll : Included many options & slider allow to adjust gameplay's values with opinion
        • Speeder.dll : Increase or decrease gameplay speed, improve performance, fix some system's bugs
        How to enable Nvidia CUDA acceleration (for Nvidia graphic card only)
        Add these line to "GDB\uni\map.txt"
        Nvidia.Cuda = 1 
        Download : (full version - stable)
        Credit :
        (Addition) PES2014 noDVD 1.07 exe (work with Fileloader version or newer) :
        • Download (new link - please redownload cause last file was corrupted) 
        • http://adf.ly/j51BJ
        • Extract all file to game folder
        • Run pes2014.exe as Administrator 
        • Enjoy and use at your own risk
        • It was made by my friend, all credits go to him.


        PES2014 File Loader released 04-05

         Change log version :
        • Updated plugin : 
          • APKloader : fixed bug when use with old game version
          • Gameplay.dll : 
            • Added AI slider, AI enforce, AI remove option
            • Added Pass support level
          • Speeder : updated performance mode
        Included sample loading screen in "FileLoader\pes14_win_dat\common\menu\general\"  - just delete "titlePressStart.bin" if dont like it.

        Download : (beta)
        Credit :
        New gameplay options available :
         photo 11414_zps33aa33d5.png


        PES File Explorer 2014 version released 04-04

        Changelogs :
        • Fixed bug when save file
        • Fixed bug for font editor
        • Add option : change APK texture quality (higher quality = larger file size and slower loading ingame)
        • Add APK UV map editor
        • Some minor tweaks
        ! Must read ! :
        •  Modified APK file works only with File Loader or any newer version that supports ApkLoader plugin. Make sure "ApkLoader.dll" be added in plugin list.
        • Export file from CPK before modify
        • Alway backup your file before editing and use the tool with your own risk.
        New features : 
        APK viewer
         photo 1_zps392611ba.png
        UV map edit
         photo 11_zps6c97c231.png

        Texture quality setting
         photo 2222_zps85be39f2.png
        Download : Version

        Zippyshare : http://adf.ly/iWTdj
        Moddingway : http://adf.ly/iWTep