[PES2012] English commentary

PES2012 English commentary
  1. http://adf.ly/6GkA2 
  2. http://adf.ly/6GkA3 
  3. http://adf.ly/6GkA4

  • mirror
    1. http://adf.ly/B2qkI
    2. http://adf.ly/B2qkJ
    3. http://adf.ly/B2qkK
    4. http://adf.ly/B2qkL
    5. http://adf.ly/B2qkM
  • Extract & move it to :
    C:\Program Files \KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\img

    Enjoy !

    9 件のコメント:

    1. Marskie9/30/2011

      is this a sync version??

    2. Ola jenkey gostaria muito que voce colocasse aquele sistema de bater falta do pes12 demo 1 na versao full.
      aquele quando voce muda o batedor e os carinhas mudam andando se é que entende.

    3. jenkey ..? I've copied the file to the location of the installer pes demo. but after I get into the game, no sound commentator. I continued to go into the sound, but the commentator settings can not be changed. jenkey please explain?

    4. its only for pes 2012 full version

    5. the part 2 english comentatori pes 2012 is error...

    6. 匿名9/12/2012

      Not sure how to extract, can you tell me how? it's .img and they all have the same name except for the extension which is .001 and .002 and .003

      So how exactly can I extract them? Winrar doesn't open them.

    7. thank you very much..
      very useful..

    8. the mirror is error.......!!!!!!!!
      please updated the mirror download.........