[PES2011] Gameplay tool + New gameplay patch 0.4 for PES2011 (released 18-04)

Gameplay tool + New gameplay patch 0.4 for PES2011  (released 18-04)

Gameplay Changlog :
- Better AI for COM
- Better ball physic
- No delay between motions
- SFX ambient sound

- Improve Animation process

- Better cussor change
- improve AI for BAL
- gameplay 4 mode : jenkey 0.4 /yair 0.7/komu/default
- Setting tool
- Stadium setting (change name, order in game,unlock stadium in CL mode,...)

Credit : juce, komu, yair12, barcafan

Recommended : Run tool as adminstrator (Windows 7) & turn off your antivirus 

If you want to post my work, please use my link !!
update version 0.4.1 + quick tutorial inside


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  1. Does it work with Vista x64? It crashes every time I try to run it.

  2. plz show me your setting

  3. The config: http://tinypaste.com/4ea63

  4. try this way :
    - run "Gameplay tool - config.exe"
    - click "attach" button to attach kitserver
    - save configure (turn off you antivirus is recommended)
    - run "Gameplay tool - run.exe"

  5. Okay, I'm REALLY sorry, I thought I've already accounted the possibility of it occured because of my antivirus but looks like I didn't. It works now. Thank you and sorry for the unnecessary problem.

  6. 匿名4/20/2011

    jenkey, can you update the tool for yair's 0.7 gameplay?

  7. I see, will have yair's 0.7 gameplay in 0.4 full version

  8. 匿名4/21/2011

    thanks man

  9. Hi Jenkey! You should try to add more animations for passing, running, kicking, free-kicks and tackles!

  10. yep, but I must finish the complete version gameplay first.

  11. It's good to hear that :) can't wait!

  12. have done everything...
    Attached kitserver, change SFX (RealTek HD), set .exe file, set "run as administrator" option.
    And when I click on GamaplayTool - run.exe ... Game doesn't start. Nothing hapends. What should I do?

    P.S. I have win7 64bit if that matters and UNREAL (PSD) patch...

  13. I see in your videos jenkey the speed of your game is fast as you did this?
    Expecting trouble maxima ... congratulations

  14. @charles Amorim : with kitsever you use speed module : 1.03 or higher

    @jenkey : I use your great tool with yair12 0.7c and PES 2011 looks like PES 12 :D , real football simulation

    waiting for next update , because when I try to use camera settings , don't work :)

  15. tunizizou - Oh thanks. This yair12 using 0.7c? the full version of the jenkey that will come with 0.7. What to you think of the 0.7 yair?

  16. @Vlada :
    + turn off your antivirus
    + you pes2011.exe is 1.03 version ? plz check it