[PES2011] Gameplay tool & New Gameplay patch version 0.4.2 full version

Gameplay tool & New Gameplay patch version 0.4.2 full version - 27/04

Gameplay Changlog :
- Better AI for COM
- Better ball physic
- No delay between motions
- SFX ambient sound

- Improve Animation process

- Better cussor change
- improve AI for BAL
- gameplay 4 mode : jenkey 0.4 /yair 0.7/komu/default
- Setting tool
- Stadium setting (change name, order in game,unlock stadium in CL mode,...)

New gameplay mode :
     - jenkey1002 gameplay 0.4.2
     - yair12 gameplay 0.7b
New feature :
  - Stadium config
     + change name
     + change order
     + change in used stadium slot
  - Match config
     + match time
     + super star mode (in some reason, it doesnt appear ingame, sorry for it's not stable)
     + camera pes2010 mode
  - Chants config
     + mix mode
Download : if you want post my works in other page, please use my link, thanks for cooperation

p/s : I'm developing the new gameplay version 0.5 - next gen, not base from komu & yair's. 
0.5 ver release date : 4-5
thanks for visting my blog 

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  1. thx jen..great stuff
    jen...why the super star mode dont appear?

  2. Congratulations jenkey and his staff. Simply PERFECT. I'm from Brazil and Japan pro strength due to earthquakes. Zico Flamengo's greatest idol idol of you already did a charity game in Brazil on behalf of Japan, the nation Flamengo sends a hug.

  3. Jenkey a doubt.
    When Gameplay tool - config mark Super Star mode Unlock all difficulties, whether beginner, amateur, ace ... all are going to be configured as a Super Star right?

  4. @ Abu & Charles Amorim
    thanks for comment.

    about "super star" mode : in some reason, it doesnt appear ingame, sorry for it's not stable.

  5. its ok jen..
    as long as the gameplay improve.. =]
    if u have time..please do fix it..
    we all appreciate a lot for ur effort..:)
    wanna try it..gambatenne jen!

  6. Okay Jenkey fine job anyway.
    When you get a solution for how to post Super Star people.


  7. 匿名4/28/2011

    0.4.2 gameplay mode is THE BEST!a bit too fast for me but thats fixed:D.i dont know about the chants though.i set to mix and i hear only the home team supporters.any tips?thanks.great work by the way

  8. 匿名4/30/2011

    I'm using the 1.3 version of the game but when I click to start the game apears a window saying "the PES2011.exe is a wrong version". What can it be?

  9. open config tool, choose your pes2011.exe file & save for the tool load you file.

  10. same problem... pes2011.exe worng version jenkey.. i cannot start the game... help me

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