[PES2011] 19 HD Gloves collection

19 HD Gloves collection
Install : 
- choose the the kind of gloves you like
- copy file "unnamed_590.bin" to "dt0d.img" folder in kitserver

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  1. 匿名5/05/2011

    excellent work jenkey

  2. 匿名5/06/2011

    Other link please :)

  3. 匿名5/06/2011

    Sorry,uploading.com service is not available
    Can you upload to mediafire please?:)

  4. 匿名5/14/2011

    how can you put it in pes 2011 pc??? i open the img folder and i see the dt..something files but when i place the bin file there they dont show up to pes !! pls help i really like your mod and it seems that ts working!!

  5. 匿名5/14/2011

    also is there suppose to be in the instalation folder a kitserver folder? mine has a folder named " img " and when you open it you see all the dt0.. files :(

  6. I mean : there is "img" folder in kitserver, and into "img" have some subfolder like : dt##.img right ?
    and copy unnamed_590.bin to "dt0d.img" in "img" folder

    EX : C:\Program File\Konami\Pro evolution soccer 2011\kitserver\img\dt0d.img

  7. 匿名5/14/2011

    well i have downloaded pes and i have these folders

    C:\Program File\Konami\Pro evolution soccer 2011 and when i opoen the pes folder there is only a img folder no kitserver
    Im downloading another pes game to see if the other one has kitserver :/ thnk you for replying pls can i rely on your help ?

  8. I see, you dont have "kitserver" right ?
    must have "kitserver" to use these.
    you can find it in google, lastest version is 11.0.3