[PES2011] Gameplay tool & New Gameplay patch version 0.5c prefinal released 15/05

Gameplay tool & New Gameplay patch version 0.5c prefinal 2 released 15/05
new hotfix released
Promotion clip (from my friend)

Changelog :
  • 4 gameplay mode : jenkey0.4.4 / beta 0.5c / yair0.8b / default gameplay
  • New camera setting for : penalty, freekick, corner kick
  • Fix some small bug
  • Hot fix : SFX function
Gameplay changelog : 0.4.4 & beta 0.5c
  • Improve GK & defence
  • New Referee AI beta version :more yellow & red card in match
  • Harder AI for COM
  • Beta 0.5c : new AI 80% completed
New features :
  • On/off server checking (If you dont play online & want to saving time)
  • Animation boost x2 (if you want more speed ingame)
  • Camera setting
  • Stamina setting
Recommended :
  • Turn off your Antivirus
  • Run tool as adminstrator (Windows 7, Vista)  
0.5 prefinal + hot fix

Before download : Don't use my tool with Firepatch
Install guide & feedback : click here

:D have fun !

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  1. 匿名5/14/2011

    wow jenkey! referee AI...thats very cool. i cant wait for the final version. You are the best

  2. when, when, when!? I can't wait anymore!

  3. tonight, I will make the clip if have time

  4. TONIGHT??? I can't believe my eyes :D Hello from Russia, Jenkey ;) You are the best, really :)

  5. Listen, Jenkey, whether it is possible somehow to reduce the speed of the players? Any player from the team is weaker than Manchester United (I play in the ML for him) several times, can catch up with Wayne Rooney, Nani, or any other player's speed! Not really honest!

  6. Please man I want you help me about the new patch it's ""new cinematic entry scene""
    that's the link of the video and think you;

  7. @Андрей : I think it make game more balance between weak vs strong team

    @othman2023 : what extracly do the thing you want ?

  8. i want mix the entry scene for we have this scene

  9. in these page
    i want mix them in one scene in these video

  10. ok, I can.
    I will post it if have time

  11. thinks man you the best

  12. oh...
    If you are using FIRE Patch, please dont use my tool
    Can you advise me a good patch like this?

  13. just the thing I wrote, use or not is your choice

  14. Oh ... I just respect your opinion and want to support you. What patch you are using yourself?

  15. :D Im using my homemade's one

  16. That is, if I use Fire Patch, no compatibility issues will not be?

  17. Animation boost x2 Lets play perfect.

    Congratulations Jenkey.

  18. thank jen...really waiting for this..
    i noe u r a student..n doing diz as hobby..
    me too a student...if u wan to make a little bit of money..u can also use duckload as mirror..
    thx for not pricing ur work jen..gud luck :-)

  19. It's the hobby, not the job for earn money.
    I have the real job and got money enough for use.

  20. Why do you release a 4.4, 0.5c and yair 8.0 what are the noticeable differences between them.

  21. move your mouse to the gameplay mode buttons, you can see more information

  22. 匿名5/15/2011

    one question jenkey...does the gameplay of yair have you new referee AI? because i don't see it

  23. wow I feel like were having a conversation at the speed your answering last question hopefully on the match tab what effects would clicking on penalty and super star mode have on the game, thanks in advance.

  24. i know totally wrong place to ask,
    will you realese pes-plus ?
    great work mate can't wait till you realese final version
    yair already realesed a new version it is the best so far he said he'll stop at 1.0 maybe you should realese the new version then just a thought

  25. 匿名5/15/2011

    It's a very good tool. I was using the version 0.4.2 before this one and after install it, the SFX seems to be lower than before. Could you make the SFX a bit louder?

  26. 匿名5/15/2011

    great clips jenkey

  27. Thank you Jenkey :)
    referee new AI is very nice
    I wanted it

  28. @kiko94 : yes, pesplus is nextplan

  29. jen...is there any chance that u will completely built ur own patch?

  30. thx jenkey it so needed
    do you have exact fetures (like if we can use extra teams in ML and league blocks and if it will be stable)
    thx very much you make pes so much
    the gameplay tool is amazing and especially with yairs new gameplay
    your gameplay is good but have one issu my first goal against AI is very difficult but after that it becomes very easy i won on super cup against barca 4-1 after the equlizer they just gave up
    new referee is great
    one last thing fir tricks maybe you should increase it a little bit and maybe make different tricks (if possible) AI great players like messi and CR7 make only qiuck turns no roulette or shoulder feint

    thank you very much for the time you give to the comunity hope i'm not annoying you with my comments and suggestions :p

  31. Great patch, it is possible to disable the stands with fans?

  32. your klip is from your patch which version mate?
    I dont see different here
    Can you explain mate?

  33. I think i've made everything ok, but it doesnt work to me, when I hit de gamplaytool run, it shows me an error with it, and the game close,
    any help??

  34. @Jenky i love ur patch but for some reason when i use the jenky gameplay it cuases my game to lag with and without animation boost...im using yair for now but i like yours better, can u tell me what to do to fix that please...i dont have a bad computer, i have a decent computer that gan run it no problem...thanks in advance