[PES2011] Gameplay tool & New Gameplay patch version 0.6 final released 29-05

There's 2 clips about : movement, dribble & GK

Changelog :
  • Improve 360 degrees movement, more freedom in ground
  • Improve GK reflect
  • Completed AI script with balanced in game, harder and more active
  • better AI in ML/BAL/ 
Recommended :

  • Turn off your Antivirus (the tool is using powerful memory edit module and some Security software has missunderstand it with virus :D )
  • Run tool as adminstrator (in Windows 7, Vista)   
Install : 
  • Must delete all old files & folder before copy the new one
 0.6 final

26 件のコメント:

  1. 匿名5/27/2011

    Hey Jenkey can you help please I only hear home chants no matter how far down the slider I change the ratio

  2. 匿名5/27/2011

    Oh my God, I can't wait anymore. Go go go Jenkey !!! \m/

  3. Chriss5/27/2011

    can u explain what is different with your stamina setting and konami's default stamina?
    and what is superstar mode?

    thanks for the great works...
    i really like ur gameplay patch and ur chantpack...

    can u relink ur chantpack with PESEdit 2.3?
    thanks again...

  4. 1)
    with konami's default stamina : players will be like the zombie in 70' of match
    gameplay mod stamina : more longer like real life

    2) in star mode : COM's attack is more aggressively ...
    3) :D no time mate, Im doing in other plan
    btw, 2.3 version has not the big change so I dont download it yet.

  5. 匿名5/27/2011

    2) in star mode : COM's attack is more aggressively ...
    you explain superstar mode but it doesn't work

  6. 匿名5/28/2011

    can you make the Referee AI as an option in your tool? to enable\disable and to use it on yair's gameplay mode? thank you

  7. Jenkey, what level of difficulty do you prefer? And what do you prefer: keyboard or joystick? Please, answer this offtop-questions :D

  8. Im using Xbox gamepad, play with "top player" level :D

  9. That's all? Patches will be no more?

  10. maybe will have 1,2 update if still have bug or no more if dont need.

    after that I will do with other plan

  11. 匿名5/29/2011

    What a masterpiece. Good job Jenkey

    Btw, can you make our defender as aggresive as COM's defender?

    and, can you make our player press COM's player when throw ball in (just like COM's player press our player when we throw ball in)?

    I'm heavily thank for your you great work

  12. 匿名5/29/2011

    Just let you know that replay disabler somehow mostly didn't work, dunno why

    Thanks for your gameplay mate !

  13. 匿名5/29/2011

    My chant slider does not seem to have any impact at all always the home team only chanting

  14. 匿名5/29/2011

    Jenkey...you made me happy today ! thank you for all your hard work on this patch! We all love you!

  15. Thanks Jenkey for all your work you make the game what it should be out the box.....just one problem and I use your chants but the sliders also, are not giving me any away fan chants

  16. Darkc0de5/30/2011

    Me too, help please I only hear home chants no matter how far down the slider I change the ratio too

  17. 匿名5/31/2011

    hi jenkey be careful. yair is going to do better than you.. work together or work more to make pes the best

  18. Darkc0de5/31/2011

    hi does someone can explain me the differences between game play mode jenkey 0.4.4 and jenkey 0.6, and 0.8b yair please??

  19. 匿名6/01/2011

    Hey, it works with pesedit 2.3? I can not change the ball, I still Jabulani turfabrik, thank you for your reply

  20. how come animation boost makes my game lag on jenky 6.0 gameplay but not on others?

  21. if you change match time, you cannot change another setting like : ball, injure...

    @matcalabretta : did you read my hint ?
    it's not recommend for low spec PC, if feel lag ingame, just turn off it.

    @Darkc0de : move you mouse around gameplay mode button

  22. Darkc0de6/03/2011

    Please Jenkey My chant slider does not seem to have any impact at all always the home team only chanting

  23. heyy jenkey, i read it but my pc is not a low spec pc

  24. hey man
    I cant lauch the game using the tool
    it says Pes 2011 stopped working and bla bla...
    Im under windows 7 64bits, already turn AV and firewall off, also tried run as administrator..
    any ideia?

  25. 匿名6/13/2011

    When I launch the game with your tool, the GDB folder from kitserver is not recognized by the game. The game works, but the teams whose uniform is in GDB folder appears with PES uniform. What can it be?

  26. You made me play pes2011