[PES2011] Gameplay tool & New Gameplay patch 0.7.7 RC openbeta released (16-06)

Gameplay tool & New Gameplay patch 0.7.7 RC openbeta released 16-06
Newest clip - defender block through pass

Increased accurate for COM's long shot

New gameplay mode :
  • Gameplay 0.7.7beta lastest : fix some DF bug + AI
  • Gameplay 0.7.5beta : beta version, improve AI for tactic & movement (COM & 
  • Gameplay 0.7.4beta : version 0.6 + new DF AI system teammate)
New physic mode :
  • Have 4 choices for physic mode for player & ball
    • Mode 1 : Default KONAMI
    • Mode 2 : Realistic physic for ball & player (my recommended)
    • Mode 3 : Superstar player are difirentce with the rests. Ball is a bit weighter (recommended from most of beta testers)
    • Mode 4 : No change - will use gameplay physic setting
New feature :
  • Change game speed via kitserver (in gameplay config tool)
  • Refine animation boost
  • Upgraded memory write & read module (for less use memory)

Note & install guide : 
  • Remember disable your antivirus software : gameplay tool is using memory hack module
    and some AV soft missunderstand it with virus, but believe me it's not the virus.
  • For upgrade to new version you must delete all files & folder from old version (for remove all old effort)
            + Gameplay tool - run.exe
            + Gameplay tool - config.exe
            + Gameplayjen
  • Extract & Copy all files to PES2011 installed foder
  • Run "Gameplay tool - config.exe" for configuration
  • Save config (If you feel gameplay is not changed ingame, try run config & save again)
  • Play game via "Gameplay tool - run.exe" 

My suggestion : Use "Animation boost" feature for better responce ingame & better DF system (COM will block your through pass...)

This's BETA version, Im waiting for your feedback to improve
All feedback are welcome

Credits : juce, komu, yair12, barcafan
and special thanks to all beta testers

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  1. 匿名6/16/2011

    awesome! gonna try it straight away!

  2. ok..i will try..=]

  3. Hello jenkey
    thanks for your great patches .
    Can I use physic mode for player & ball with the default gameplay mode? or I have to use your gameplay patches to active it?
    will block your through pass in the animation boost or in physic mode? does it work with any exe if I choose default gameplay mode?

  4. @katata : nope, it doesnt work in default gameplay mode

    only in gameplay 0.7 serie

  5. jenkey why do not you do a screen to see how realistic the game

  6. have no time mate,
    just try & feel by yourself

  7. 別のバージョンをリリース

  8. Jenkey1002 さんのコメント...
    @katata : nope, it doesnt work in default gameplay mode

    only in gameplay 0.7 serie

    thank you for replaying .
    but what about animation boost???? does it affect the default gameplay mode to make comp AI blocks the through passes and shoots ?????

  9. Darkc0de6/17/2011

    Jenkey found a serious error ...
    His Pro evolution soccer without your patch is better not to play.
    You place yourself to people dependent on it ....: p
    you are the king

  10. 匿名6/17/2011

    Great great patch but my players are almost ALWAYS offside when I want to make a cross, its like I cant create a decent cross its unrealistic and frustrating :(

  11. thanks , donwloading :)

  12. 匿名6/17/2011


  13. 匿名6/17/2011

    why cant I almost never score on Mode 3, in the penalty area they always shoot outside the box and when I finally shoot great straight inside the box the keeper turns god

  14. Hi jenkey , 0.7.7 beta and realistic ball physic are great , + animation boost x2 , game is perfect , look at GK and ball physic


  15. 匿名6/18/2011

    0.7.7 beta/gameplay mode 2/speed 1.00/no animation boost are probably the best settings imo.

    AI is much better, definitely harder to score against, makes the matches more enjoyable. :)

  16. @tunizizou ;) thanks for clip

  17. 匿名6/20/2011

    The game crash when i want to play with your mod. But I've stop my antivirus and I run the tool as administrator.

  18. 匿名6/21/2011

    Hey, Jenkey!

    I totally love your gameplay patches, but I only have one question - I use your patch to play Become a Legend mode, in main settings I have selected "Professional" difficulty mode, 12 min of match time on your "config" tool (version-newest, 0.7.7 RC1). I have tried out all of your gameplay modes that are inluded in the newest version of your patch, but one thing is really annoying me-there are almost no fouls, especially outside the box. In 10 matches I was fouled around 6-7 times, but only in midfield, and it's NOT realistic.

    Can You please try to do something about that? The game really needs a bit more agression, and everything will be PERFECT! :D

    Thanks for answer, and thank you for my good english :D

  19. brilliant tool jenkey :D but why are the players slow to turn ?? it feels kinda hard to move my players or is it my settings???

  20. thanks jenkey, your tools make Pes 2011 better.

    jenkey, can you fix Pes 2011 referee system or maybe continue project your beta referee?

  21. please janky new link please