[PES2011] Master League Money tool 1.1(30-06)

Master League Money tool 1.1
Update 1.1 : fix bug
How to use : 
- Click Open ML, select your Master League Save file (ML##.BIN)
- Enter the money value as you want
- Save ML to finish
It's simple tool but hope it helps

3 件のコメント:

  1. 匿名6/23/2011

    I want a tool that lets you edit transfers and players in master league, that would be cool. Cause I hate the unrealistic transfers.

  2. nice idea, sound interested. I will make that.

  3. 匿名6/24/2011

    wow dude.. that would be the best thing ever! I think everyone who players ML offline would love you for that! I constantly read everywhere that everyone hates the unrealistic transfers etc..