[PES2011] Master league Tranfers tool (testverion)

Master league Tranfers tool (testverion)
How to use :
  • Open your option file first (EDIT.BIN)
  • Open ML file (ML##.BIN)
  • Select team, player ... and tranfer as you want
Note :
  • It's beta testversion.
  • Please feedback and report error cause I don't have free time for testing, sorry

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  1. 匿名6/25/2011

    Sick! gonna try it right away

  2. 匿名6/25/2011

    It doesn't seem to work =/ When I load the option file and then the ML file it shows the default list of players - for example: when I open the list of arsenal it shows van persie in arsenal but in my Master League van persie is in fc barcelona. When I tried to transfer Mathijsen from Hamburger SV to Malaga, in the tool it seems to work and mathijsen is in malaga and when I start PES and play as malaga in a exhibition match then mathijsen is also in malaga but I don't want that. When I load my master league in PES then mathijsen is still in Hamburger SV and not in Malaga. That's the only problems/errors I saw, hope I helped! thank you so much for you work, keep it up!

  3. ok, thank you.
    I'll check it.

  4. Mình cũng bị lỗi như bạn ở trên nói, chưa kể khi mình chọn team mình đá trong PES thì tools crash và tự động biến mất.

  5. yes this tool have problem not working, please update.... thank you

  6. http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/2706/11163114759autoiterror.jpg

    not work for me, this is the error.
    Anyway thanks for the work, we hope that you will find a solution

  7. 匿名7/12/2011

    I'm waiting for the fixed version of the tool
    thanks jenkey...

  8. 匿名8/11/2011

    me too..i'm waiting for the fixed :)

  9. http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/2706/11163114759autoiterror.jpg
    same problem for 4 me. :(