[PES2011] Matrix:editing project - official ModdingWay PES2011 patch

Today we are proud to release the official ModdingWay PES2011 patch, the matrix:editing project or short m:ep.


  • Barclays Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A TIM, Premier Liga, Liga BBVA, 1. Bundesliga
  • nPower Championship, Serie bwin, 2. Bundesliga
  • all participants of Champions League 2011
  • all participants of Copa Libertadores 2011
  • updated squads for all national teams
  • improved gameplay achived by the matrix evaluation system
  • boots from 15 different brands (more than 5000 players wear their correct boot)
  • balls for each supported league
  • realistic market values for all players
  • real sponsors in the Master League
  • playernames in the format "J. Doe"
  • chantpack
  • new menu soundtrack
  • new entrance music
  • new scoreboard
  • realistic stadiums for all teams
  • new menu graphics
  • and many more...

Installation guide:
  • Read this installation guide. We won't answer to any questions that are already answered here.
  • If you are not sure if you have modified any .img files of your PES installation, we highly recommend that you reinstall PES2011.
  • Make sure that you game is using the official Patch 1.03 by Konami and that you have already downloaded the DLC 7.00 of March 2011.
  • Download the matrix:editing project. You can choose from different mirrors, they are all compatible with each other.
  • After you downloaded all 10 parts, unpack them using a tool like WinRAR or 7-Zip.
  • Now you can start the actual installer which is is located in the unpacked "Matrix Editing Project 2011" folder and named "setup.exe". You only need to select where you want to install the m:ep. By default it's going into your Program Files folder but you can put it wherever you want to, but do yourself a favor and don't install it into you PES folder.
  • After the installation you'll find four new shortcuts on your desktop. Three of them start the game using the second league that is specified in the shortcuts' name. The fourth shortcut is a small tool that lets you select which version you want to use before you start the game. You can keep the shortcuts you want to use and delete the rest. If you decide to use a second league from another country, the launcher for this country is still in the data folder your m:ep installation directory.
  • In order to run the m:ep properly you have to start it using one of four tools mentioned above.
  • If you have any problem while installing or using m:ep check the F.A.Q. below before you post your problem to the forums.

Part #1
Part #2
Part #3
Part #4
Part #5
Part #6
Part #7
Part #8
Part #9
Part #10
Part #1
Part #2
Part #3
Part #4
Part #5
Part #6
Part #7
Part #8
Part #9
Part #10
Part #1
Part #2
Part #3
Part #4
Part #5
Part #6
Part #7
Part #8
Part #9
Part #10
Update 1.0.1

  • fixed crashes in Champions League mode
  • fixed crashes in Copa Libertadores mode
  • fixed league assignment for several teams
  • improved readability of the scoreboard
  • support for latin american and brazilian language
Hotfix for Update 1.0.1
Download and simply unzip it in your installation folder after you installed the update 1.0.1.
Thanks to the whole m:ep team (in alphabetical order):
  • arctic-monkey
  • Ariel Santarelli
  • arquero7171
  • Arsenal4Life
  • Capfca
  • denxho
  • Enzo
  • EricFCH
  • Gothlay
  • Grand Bleu
  • jenkey1002
  • Kenny
  • Marinho
  • Michał17Widzew
  • Milosh Velich
  • mstar
  • Paul81118
  • R4M130
  • Raindrop
  • razib_46
  • Severus
  • SG Eintracht
  • stardrummer91
  • Tarik
  • Tottimas

We also want to thank the following people whose work helped to make this patch possible (in alphabetical order):
  • DKHernandez
  • Dynamoking
  • goldorakiller
  • Hajnal30
  • Hawke
  • JackWho
  • juce
  • MxSonic
  • PrettyMarlon
  • Robbie
  • Tunizizou
  • w!ld@
  • all betatesters
  • the m:ep data research team
  • the kitmakers which are not in our team
  • and everyone we might have forgotten
:D enjoy best patch ever, everyone !

18 件のコメント:

  1. 匿名6/02/2011

    beside the "improved gameplay achived by the matrix evaluation system" (which i dont know was exacly does it mean)...im not impressed! its the first release i understand. will it have other 2nd division leagues? like liga adelante? thank you

  2. BELIVE ME with the bugs they have they'll never be better
    @ jenkey i belive your talent is wasted :(

  3. @Charles Amorim : dont compare, make your choice - cause everybody has opinion
    @kiko94 : editing is just for fun :) and I have both 2 patch in my PC.

  4. xD, it's not about using it ,it is about quality
    if you made a patche it would have been better
    only your work is good ther ,cahntpack and turf
    those are too boosted that's why it is fluid and different,a real gameplay would be good even with low stats ;)

  5. last sentence i was talking about the stats

  6. :D yes, maybe its too high but make game improvement without using gameplay patch.

  7. 匿名6/04/2011

    can i have ur menu & icon pretty pls ????

  8. Hey Jenkey, just want to say that I am totally in love with matrix patch, great work guys ! About the game play, i heard that you are going to include Yair game play patch in the next release, can't wait to see that!

    p/s: Cam on ban nhieu nhen, cho minh hoi ngoai le mot ti, ban la nguoi Viet ah :D

  9. Yeah, i just found some weird issues. When ever i tried to play Champion League mode or play a champion league match in master league, an error occur, any ideas? thanks, mate :D

  10. ;) I forgot post update,
    updated, check #1

  11. yes, Im going to release next version of gameplay tool in 1 or 2 weeks
    here's the plan, changelog

    - new physic between players - I was watching PES2012 & FIFA12 many times for reference
    - refine animation boost
    - refine AI tactic
    - fix some bugs
    - some new features ...
    - New gameplay mode : there're only 3 mode in next update
    jenkey0.6, yair-final & new mode combination yair-jenkey

  12. aaaaaaa! that sounds awesome ! Again totally admiration from me for your passion and hard works !:D

    a small detail, i know this is not worth mentioned, but is there any chances you can made the option for white net, i like the colorful net but it just does not seem as natural as the old-fashioned white one.

    Anyway, thanks again and good luck in your future works mate :D

  13. 匿名6/05/2011

    someone would be kind enough to help me upload file 'unnamed_1444' from dt06 folder in kitserver, please ????

  14. how do i patch jenkey gameplay tool to matrix???

  15. Please Jenkey, make a J-League patch for PES 11?
    J-League is one of the better championships of the world... Thanks

  16. Good morning
    You can send the following files from your patch, the Matrix Editing Project PES 2011?
    These are:


    Thanks! : D

  17. i've a favour to ask.

    how to make different .exe and save folder for the patch?

    i really want to install multiple patches for my pes2011.