[PES2011] Master League starting year tool 1.0

Master League starting year tool 1.0

Ingame test :

Note :
- Version 1.0 : only pes2011 1.03 noDVD is supported
How to use :
  • Click "Open exe" choose you pes2011 exe file
  • Enter starting year & save
Download :

;) Enjoy the new season !

10 件のコメント:

  1. jenkey what is the name of the menu theme what you use???

  2. which patch are you using ?

  3. i enter 2011 and new master league starts at 2010. it doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think you choose wrong pes2011.exe file,
    try to select correct file.

  5. man great tool but i cant get it to work i did it with no update with only crack 1.03 nodvd didnt work... i patched the gae didnt work i updated with dlc 7... didnt work please help me i lost my ml after i reached 2023... please man i need to go to 2019 to do the team again... the difference between the image u put and the one i have is in the information section above select year it has : kitserverYload... mine is empty please help man as no one but u thought of such useful tool

  6. I think after did it, you should start new ML.
    This tool just change your starting year from 2010 to the years you input. It doent touch to your data.
    Dont worry about "kitserver..." or anything else if you dont use that.

    If need back to default year, it's simple run tool & input 2010 again

  7. thank u for ur reply m8 in each time i tried it i looked on the new saved ml and i tried new ml in both teams and in original players in new ml... and i also tried it while the game is closed and while the game is opened 2... need ur help m8

  8. can i use this tool in pes 2012???

  9. could you do this for pes 12 and pes 13? It would be great...