[PES2011] Gameplay tool & New Gameplay patch 0.9.9 beta + hotfix released 09-08

Gameplay tool & New Gameplay patch 0.9.9 beta + hotfix released 09-08

AI - teammate movement
here's video clip & simple explanation : 

(thanks to & Muzakkir Ayob for uploading)

AI goals combination  

(thanks to tunizizou for uploading )

New gameplay mode :
  • Jenkey1002 gameplay 0.9.7 beta 1:  aggressive & creative AI, better DF + GK, New AI teammates movement optimize 1
  • Jenkey1002 gameplay 0.9.8 beta 2:  aggressive & creative AI, better DF + GK, New AI teammates movement optimize 2
  • Jenkey1002 gameplay 0.9.9 beta 3:  aggressive & creative AI, better DF + GK, New AI teammates movement optimize 3
New features :
  • New net shape by Tunizizou
  • Automatic attach kitserver ( little changed)
New physic mode :
  • Have 4 choices for physic mode for player & ball (completed with a litle ajustment from beta version)
    • Mode 1 : Default KONAMI physic
    • Mode 2 : Realistic physic for ball & player (my recommended)
    • Mode 3 : Superstar player are difirentce with the rests. Ball is a bit weighter (recommended from most of beta testers)
    • Mode 4 : No change - will use gameplay physic setting
Note & install guide : 
  • Remember disable your antivirus software : gameplay tool is using memory hack module
    and some AV soft missunderstand it with virus, but believe me it's not the virus.
  • For upgrade to new version you must delete all files & folder from old version (for remove all old effort)
            + Gameplay tool - run.exe
            + Gameplay tool - config.exe
            + Gameplayjen
  • Extract & Copy all files to PES2011 installed foder
  • Run "Gameplay tool - config.exe" for configuration
  • Save config (If you feel gameplay is not changed ingame, try run config & save again)
  • Play game via "Gameplay tool - run.exe"
Mediafire (hotfix)

Suggestion : 
  • Use "Animation boost" feature for better responce ingame & better DF system (COM will block your through pass...)

Credits : Juce, Komu, Yair, Barcafan, Tunizizou
and special thanks to all beta testers 
Enjoy !

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  1. 匿名8/06/2011

    I've uploaded it to youtube for you. Here it is:


  2. harder AI ?? thats good news ! cant wait ! :) btw here's your alternate vid on youtube:

  3. :D thanks for uploading !

  4. Tunizizou8/06/2011

    Amazing AI mouvement !
    Can't wait :)

  5. great stuff man! cant wait!

  6. great work as always man thanks

  7. Tunizizou8/08/2011

    Please SoniX some respect , debbuging and fixing bugs is something very long and boring .
    Now , we just should wait ;)

  8. Tunizizou, just thought that the patch is ready.
    I respect everyone and thank you for the wonderful job =)

  9. soon or sooner :)
    maybe this your last patch, so you delay for released?

  10. just wait Im working to fix bugs
    1 or 2 hours later maybe.

  11. Tunizizou8/09/2011

    Great to see new version released , here is video on youtube Jenkey : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlBYUUpTxqo

  12. great ! :) wish u could explain more bout optimize 1,2 & 3 ? thank you

  13. great jen..but why there are so many bug with gameplay run? once u wana change the type of gameplay.for eg; i wana change from 0.9.7 to 0.9.8.. then after saving..click run..and then it will said cant find 0.9.8..why? and also...the gameplay run will use all my cpu..100%..leading to freeze..hope u can check

  14. crush when run the game

  15. idk so far its JUST okay. 2 things i dislike; the camera has been changed (i strongly dislike this), and the game lag a bit. hmmm :|
    using 0.9.9 btw.

  16. Darkc0de8/09/2011

    Well I was very anxious to launch the patch but to my
    sadly the game does not work with me going down the right have tried in all modes
    and does not work at all??
    Jenkey you have any solutions??
    If you are not okay I go back to your older version to my regret: (

  17. Darkc0de8/09/2011

    well and now the old version also gives me the same error
    Please jenkey what can I do now I can not play any
    of your patch

  18. Darkc0de8/09/2011

    well I managed to put the old patch to work well,
    but this patch does not always close.
    excuse my three posts.
    any solution ?????


  19. :| im finding the bugs , fix version will be released soon

  20. 匿名8/09/2011

    plz plz are today release ... 3 hour i cant do anthing just change my camputer because i thougt its eror from it .. its look epic
    but you need mention plz about optmize al movment .. waiting you today

    plz i want play you are legend just do ..

  21. 匿名8/09/2011

    ohoh ... so it mean not now we can play ..

    thank for every thing.. just hope you put it this hour or this time not late ... plz plz

  22. did you try right click & run tool as administrator ?

  23. 匿名8/09/2011

    thanks i do .. but it crash when loading in game ... so i wait your fix .. see you

  24. 匿名8/09/2011

    can u please relase it (fixing) .. because every body want to have a feling .. we cant almost enter the game because crash ..

    we wait you me and my fried .. just i want to tell you no body i now not have your patch .. thats mean what the huge you do ..

    just remain for the next very very soon

  25. Hi mate
    thanks for GP 0.9.9
    Got crash on :
    Switch to other GP, golnet style 3 and physic 2, camera is changed and sometimes referre line is disapear
    What is your recommended setting for this GP 0.9.9?

  26. hot fix is out now

    use with animation boost & physic mode : nochange is my suggestion

  27. 匿名8/09/2011

    hot fix errors also occur golnet3.

  28. hotfix
    here my mate......
    Damn AI beat me 3-1 ( MU - Spurs )
    still crash golnet3 physic 3

  29. there's a bug beetween physic mode (net & misc)
    Im working on it and sure in 1.0 version everything will work fine.

  30. Darkc0de8/10/2011

    Well I still can not play: (
    the game will always be low and I've tried in all modes
    jenkey any solution ??????

  31. try set "goalnet style" 2 or 1 and "ball physic" -no change

  32. http://downloads.moddingway.com/file/14053.html

  33. Takuara_98/11/2011


    jenkey, why didn't you insribe in PES-GAMING?

    We're waiting for you!

    Good luck and awesome job!

  34. 匿名8/11/2011

    Hey jenkey, can you upload it to a new link? like entreupload. I got problem to open mediafire.

  35. 匿名8/12/2011

    Help please, I've tried to play with Jenkey's Gameplay patch but...
    1. when AV is on, alert pops out
    2. when AV is off, There is the error where it's says "send" or "do not send" errors inform

    I think it would be a good idea for later versions to encrypted so AV like mine NOD32 don't detect it


  36. Hi ! congratulations for your work. But i cant instaled it, i follow all the instructions, but when im going to open run.exe, it seams to is loading, but stops and i cant play. I think im probably doing somethin wrong with configuration. Can you help me ? thanks

  37. Darkc0de8/17/2011

    please jenkey fix that version :(

    please my friend :(

    My pc dont work with pes2012 :_(

  38. 匿名8/18/2011

    Hey I followed the instructions but I start the game and after a couple seconds of loading the game crashes so I cant play

  39. 匿名8/18/2011

    nvm it works thanks for the mod!

  40. thanks for this amazing work bro but it seems it is not working in master league mode i am using pesedit patch v 4.1 but it is working when playing in cup matches under master league mode can any one help me

  41. Im using PESEdit 4.0 patch, when I open the game using Gameplay - run.exe, it crashed when loading...

  42. see if read only is checked in game folder properties
    uncheck and atach agin

  43. Hello, i'm new here...


    When i try run the gameplay tool-run.exe, it will pop up the window that says

    "The current version of C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\PES 2011\gameplay-jenkey0.9.9.exe. is 1.5, only 1.3 version supported."

    What its mean? how can i fix it?


  44. 匿名6/16/2012

    hi Jenkey,

    can you reload this gameplay or give some link?
    i need it, 'cause i play pes 2011.
    thx in advance. :)


  45. 匿名6/23/2012

    Jenkey, why do you remove all links for PES 2011????

  46. reupload please.....

  47. 匿名6/14/2013

    virus detected????