[PES2012] 25 Unlocked teams Patch by Jenkey1002 (beta 0.1) - released

25 Unlocked teams Patch by Jenkey1002 (beta 0.1) 
+ Teams unlock tool included

Information :
  • Update all kits 2011-2012 : new but collar & model is not perfect, cause some of them are not included in PES2012 demo version, hope you understand
  • Most of faces & hairs are default build (because haven't special face, PES2011's faces are incompatible with PES2012).
  • Squad & Transfers updated until 27/08 (60% completed)
  • "Teams Unlock tool" is included in patch, I will seperate it if you want to use it to make other patch
  • HD Emblems by Jenkey1002
  • New sound patch by Merdiso
  • Stats data : Default KONAMI, edit & transfers by Jenkey1002
  • ESPN Scoreboard by KO
  • There will a simple interface tool to replace + add teams
  • PES2012 demo team unlock tool by Jenkey1002 : 256 is unlockable range (can be changed)
  • Data is open, you can change, edit or make other patch if you like

How to install :
- Extract & copy all files and folders to PES2012 demo installed directory
- Disable Antivirus software & Run game via "PES2012 demo - unlock teams.exe" (Alway run as administrator in Win7 & Vista)

Enjoy ! and remember it's beta version

Teams list in beta 0.1:  http://www.mediafire.com/?looydcnkv2850d3
Download : beta 0.1 - if got problem go to kitserver12, run manager.exe and try to detach & re-attach kitserver to pes2012.exe

Credit :
- Tool : Master Juce for kitserver, barcafan for UDE;
- Sound patch : Merdiso
- Kit : Tottimas, Gerlam, PESEDIT, Dark Nero, VinVanDam13, Txak
alen_petrin & Tunizizou for referee's kit
- Scoreboard : ESPN HD by KO
- Thanks to : evo-web community, Ariel & moddingway.com
(please tell me if have mistake)
Teams list : will be released in full patch:(updating)

Preview :

38 件のコメント:

  1. 匿名8/27/2011

    woooooooow.... what the great patch you do >>> thanks alot you are the king

    just want 2 thing plz ::

    1- the most important fix alot of goalkeaper plz
    2- this is so important the tools you talked about (time .. ball ...) plz relese plz >>

    i wait your answer from 5 days plz mate

  2. 匿名8/27/2011

    please make the face more similar like in pes 2011

  3. 匿名8/27/2011

    face is not importan...i wait jankey for your patch

  4. When the study ends:)

  5. i have time... i want to test ;)

  6. 匿名8/27/2011

    hey jenkey, i want to try it.do you need my email or not? if so, syafiquegigs@yahoo.com. :D
    hopefully you can make a patch for time changer and ball physique.

  7. Hey, jen.. I want to test too.. Fantasykidz86t@gmail.com

  8. hey jenkey! i want to test...

  9. It's open beta, I will publish in here

  10. when will it be available for download?

  11. Darkc0de8/27/2011

    thanks a loot sa-mic@hotmail.com

  12. 匿名8/27/2011


  13. 匿名8/27/2011

    Good job (:

    I want to test!

  14. 匿名8/27/2011

    oh, buddy, plz add Benfica, I and other MILLIONS OF FANS would be pleased if you do it :)

  15. 匿名8/27/2011

    I want to test, too:


  16. 匿名8/27/2011

    Buddy there is no executable, like you say ):

  17. plz disable antivirus first & extract again

  18. 匿名8/27/2011

    it doesn't work :( :(

  19. 匿名8/27/2011

    it gives me an error when i choos teams :( plz help !

  20. go to kitserver12, run manager and try to detach & re-attach kitserver to pes2012.exe

  21. 匿名8/27/2011

    Oh Many player's head is bold... can U fix it?

  22. 匿名8/27/2011

    Please fix that bold guys.. U are a god to me like PES lovers.

  23. 匿名8/27/2011

    It's working now :) thx alot ... you're the best !

  24. thanks for 25 team in pes2012! I have a small request xD : you can modify the condition of player (red arrow, es. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b5/PES-Red-Arrow.svg/120px-PES-Red-Arrow.svg.png ) for 100% active player.

    P.S. sorry for my bad english

  25. hey jenkey..i just have a question nd need to hear its answer 4m someone like u....IS there any hope of making any patch by any1 as a TIMER patch, to be able to change the 10mins match time, b4 releasing the 2nd demo at the middile of september?... thx dude .. :) .. keep up the GR8 WORK! ;)

  26. Hi again :D
    It's possible to make a list of evey bin file from any kit on PES 2012? Or tell me what editor you use to get the code of every kit on PES 2012.


  27. hi jenkey
    first of all great patch
    the second its a question
    I make valencia villareal and other teams.I add to the exhibition notepad and i pu the kits from pes 2011 to pes 2012 at the folder kits but when i choose the team the pes 2012 crash.
    Can you help me?

  28. Question,

    Where did you get the stats of the players from? Did you make them yourself?

  29. real madrid players are bald... :S

  30. 匿名8/28/2011

    hi, when i try to play with PES2012 demo - unlock teams it doesn't work, i get a message that says 'unable to open the script file'. what can i do?

  31. good work jenkey! but i have a question, when I add more teams to the exhibition.ini (for example Uruguay, has the id=49), all is ok in the game, it have the flag, but when I select it, the game crashes.. what I have to do to add a team?

  32. Darkc0de8/28/2011

    existe 2 cesc fabregas im barcelona :p

    please add benfica :p
    Benfica Squad 2011/2012


    No. 1 - Artur Moraes
    No. 13 - Mika
    No. 47 - Eduardo


    No. 3 - Emerson
    No. 4 - Luisão
    No. 5 - Ruben Amorim
    No. 14 - Maxi Pereira
    No. 24 - Ezequiel Garay
    No. 27 - Miguel Vítor
    No. 33 - Jardel
    No. 38 - Joan Capdevila
    No. 40 - Fabio Faria


    No. 6 - Javi Garcia
    No. 8 - Bruno César
    No. 10 - Pablo Aimar
    No. 20 - Nico Gaitán
    No. 21 - Nemanja Matic
    No. 23 - Jona Urreta
    No. 28 - Axel Witsel
    No. 35 - Enzo Perez


    No. 7 - Oscar Cardozo
    No. 9 - Nolita
    No. 11 - Franco Jara
    No. 19 - Rodrigo
    No. 22 - Rodrigo Mora
    No. 30 - Javier Saviola

  33. Yes, Im working to complete transfers & add more teams. :) just wait

  34. jenkey please tell me my crash when i create new teams

  35. 匿名8/30/2011

    man.. I loved your work... Jezz, Are u greeat, man.. lol.

  36. 匿名8/30/2011

    don't forget the most popular team of Brasil, Flamengo. 37.000.000 of fans. And if possible, traslate to portuguese, man. Good job. TANX.