[PES2012 demo] Teams unlock tool : New feature Stadium switch ingame

Teams unlock tool : Stadium switch ingame
"stadium switch ingame" is posible right now. Add we can add more and more stadium (like stadium server by Juce for PES6 ).
Preview :

Teams unlock tool : New feature league selector
Now you can use number key (0~9) for select league
and time changer is next plan

updated : I can use dt08.img to storage stadium file. It meants can have more stadium in game. Switch stadium ingame before the match so posible too . I think will use F1~F12 for that.

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  1. 匿名8/28/2011

    cool :) Great work ! .. Will you make faces ? and when ?

  2. great tool, jenkey! great work..man .. ive been waited much for the TIMER patch .... is it possible to make it, or we'll have to wait for the 2nd demo version....i hope u go for it man, keep up the awesome work!

  3. 匿名8/28/2011

    Benfica :D

    Good job, m8!

  4. 匿名8/28/2011

    Como lo descargo? :)

  5. Stefanex8/28/2011

    Where i can download?

  6. 匿名8/28/2011

    nice work man .. yes it so sice add..

    we wait your good job in time change ..

    thank you

  7. 匿名8/28/2011

    oh oh man what the league and stadium we can play ..

    you are the man of pes thenk you very much ..

    waiting your interest thing time change . .

  8. Try to unlock all teams first please. Then we use any league to play :)


  9. Darkc0de8/29/2011

    thanks a loot jenkey to add my Benfica :p

    You the best man

  10. 匿名8/29/2011

    youre the man jenkey !!

  11. WorstGreen8/29/2011

    You are awesome!

  12. 匿名8/29/2011

    Thanks Jenkey :D

  13. Jenkey1002'm from Brazil (sorry English google) I can only thank their work is difficult to write something to someone on the "PES" ... here in Brazil is used scoreboard with the counter 45 minutes 1st time and 45 minutes the 2nd time (45 minutes x 45 minutes) if you make such a tool to convert the standard 90min to 45min x 45min is always used here with certainty in all patches. . thank you now and hopefully it will be possible! God bless you!