The offical 2nd PES 2012 Demo is out now for PC!

The offical 2nd PES 2012 Demo is out now for PC! 

PC version download link : (mirror soon)

2nd Demo AVAILABLE NOW (1,4 GB Download) – Get it below:


Torrent 2 :  http://www.gameupdates.org/details.php?id=4855

Mediafire : 8 part

4share : 8 parts

Tottenham Hotspur, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Rangers, Club America, Internacional
Please experiment with Pass Support and other settings in Personal Data to tailor the game to your style of play. Also, please note that you will be able to skip the Demo Intro after it has been played once. Furthermore,  we also have improvement elements on the gameplay. According to your feedback on the first demo, we have worked on the following:
Improved Goal Keepers
According to your feedback on the first Demo, we improved the Goal Keepers
Improved Defensive AI
Defensive AI has been tweaked to work more efficiently on the field
Improved difficulty to score a goal
You definitely have to build up, plan and organize your attack well in order to score in this demo

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  1. 匿名9/14/2011

    the link doesnt work
    do you have another mirror please ???

  2. rapidshare or megaupload plz???

  3. yes, Im uploading to Mediafire,
    links will apeared about 30' later

  4. büyük adamsın jenkey

  5. niceeeeee :D
    cant wait ..

  6. 匿名9/14/2011

    Torrent upload
    Please, Please !! :(
    Torrent is upload.

  7. 匿名9/14/2011

    thanks Jenkey

  8. can i use my demo 1 edit data to demo 2.
    if this works how pls tell me