[PES2012 demo] PES2012 demo 34 teams unlocked patch - released 01/09 (updated 0.2.1)

PES2012 demo 34 teams unlocked patch - released

Unlock tool features :
  • Add & unlock teams
  • Stadium change : Ingame Switchable (use F1~F12 to choose)
  • Scoreboard change : Ingame Switchable (use right number pad 0~9 to choose)
  • League select : use number 0~9 to select league

Patch information :
  • Total : 34 teams (national teams & clubs)
  • Update all kits 2011-2012 : new but collar & model is not perfect, cause some of them are not included in PES2012 demo version, hope you understand
  • Complete update Squad & Transfers updated until 31/08
  • "Teams Unlock tool" is included in patch, I will seperate it if you want to use it to make other patch 
  • Update hairs for all players & added about 50 new faces
  • HD Emblems by Jenkey1002
  • New sound patch by Merdiso
  • New boots pack by DK.Hernandez
  • PES2012 demo team unlock tool by Jenkey1002
  • Stats data : Default KONAMI, edit transfers by Jenkey1002
  • EPL,Serie A, Bundesliga, ESPN Scoreboard by KO
  • Original PES2012 DEMO gameplay

Teams unlock tool : Stadium switch ingame
use F1~F12 to choose stadium (must before match start)

Teams unlock tool : league selector
Now you can use number key (0~9) for select league. (press before select team screen)

Multi Scoreboard - ingame switchable
Now we can choice beetween 10 scoreboards before the match.
(will use number pad 0~9 for select)

Download Patch : 112mb (updated - fix bugs)
(click, wait 5 seconds > click skip AD) 
Recommeded :
  • Disable Antivirus software
  • Run game via "PES2012 demo - unlock teams 2.0.exe" (Alway run as administrator in Win7 & Vista)

Stadiums pack : 735mb - 5 parts(data from PES2011)
  1. Part 1 :  http://adf.ly/2WEJv
  2. Part 2 :  http://adf.ly/2WEJw
  3. Part 3 :  http://adf.ly/2WEJx
  4. Part 4 :  http://adf.ly/2WEJy
  5. Part 5 :  http://adf.ly/2WEJz
If you already installed PES2011, dont need install stadiums pack - just follow this tutorial : 

Credit : 
  • Tool : Master Juce for kitserver, barcafan for UDE
  • Boots : DK.Hernandez
  • Sound patch : Merdiso
  • Kit : Tottimas, Gerlam, PESEDIT, Dark Nero, VinVanDam13, Txak
    referee's kit : alen_petrin & Tunizizou
  • Scoreboard : KO
  • Faces : hosamalfars, Pablo Nievas
  • Data fix : felix_rap
  • Thanks to :  evo-web community, Ariel & moddingway.com, all face makers & kit makers 

51 件のコメント:

  1. 匿名9/01/2011

    Thank you!

  2. 匿名9/01/2011

    thank man .. great wowk ... are there any informaion about time tool

  3. 匿名9/01/2011

    Thank you very much ... ! but plz ..time changer

  4. 匿名9/01/2011

    Thank you, but just an info, is the gameplay modified ? Or is the original DEMO one ?
    Thx again

  5. 匿名9/01/2011

    Jenkey .. plz answer us .. we want time changer plz

  6. i run and than few minute later they close by pes2012 demo has stopped working !

  7. did you switch stadium ? or do anything else ?

  8. i does'n do anything , just change a player after team select.

  9. i choose manutd. vs. liverpool

  10. install pes2012demo than install this patch Right?

  11. yes, sure.

    Did you try : "Run as administrator" & disable antivirus software

  12. Yes, before i don't have problem about antivirus but i will try. thx for your help.

  13. are the stats from pes 2011? Or did you decide what they were?

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  16. 匿名9/01/2011

    jenkey, can you make the comentator for pes 2012 please

  17. @Jenkey Yes, Sorry i forgot to setting antivirus i just do for 2011,2012 .thx very much.
    @PERSPECTIVE Yes it from 2011.

  18. 匿名9/01/2011

    wheres the download? i cant download i dont know why... help me please!

    thanks for the patch

  19. why the transfer of Rome have not been updated?
    Paloschi in milan and other players are still in Rome but were sold.
    How do I get them?

  20. How can I edit player stats and make transfers?

  21. dont work² + installation always failed + crash on teams select + no tutorial to use

  22. 匿名9/02/2011

    Since I use this patch the goalnet is changed. How could I get the original net back?

  23. Hey man, nice work! Stadiuns OK, but scoreboard not work well, is the same as the original, but only change de colors... i do somenthing wrong?!

  24. 匿名9/02/2011

    add sporting please!

  25. 匿名9/02/2011


  26. At First
    Jenkey, it's a great patch
    I added the national team of Egypt = 34 through exhibition.ini and i put the kits and every thing.
    when I open the game and get egypt the name appears and the flag but when i select it the game crashes.
    Why this happen

  27. 匿名9/02/2011

    plz pllllllllllz jankey time toooooooooool

  28. 匿名9/02/2011

    Mate, you got to help me plz.

    My game started breaking after I used demo replay tool.

    Tell me what to do, plz ):

  29. 匿名9/02/2011

    Hi! Unlock Team Tools Finish Date pls

  30. Hi i have a problem the IA is really UNSTOPABBLE ! really ! I don't that is the original DEMO GAMEPLAY can you fix it please and thanks

  31. Darkc0de9/02/2011

    Great work and thank´s add my Benfica

    but Portugal is national team of Cristiano

    Ronaldo most important too add. :P

  32. Darkc0de9/02/2011

    Jenkey'm very sad because my benfica is very outdated, is the squad last season and until the equipment is second last year, but thanks anyway

  33. Miguel9/02/2011

    Great jenkey1002 patch. But if I may have to point out some errors. Benfica and Porto are very outdated. Arsenal lack Andre Santos. Raul Meireles at Chelsea. Please make an update of these errors. Fantastico is just missing the patch even these errors are resolved to be perfect.

    Hug, Miguel.

  34. 匿名9/02/2011

    we went first time tool ... plz plz

  35. Jenkey1002'm from Brazil (sorry English google) I can only thank their work is difficult to write something to someone on the "PES" ... here in Brazil is used scoreboard with the counter 45 minutes 1st time and 45 minutes the 2nd time (45 minutes x 45 minutes) if you make such a tool to convert the standard 90min to 45min x 45min is always used here with certainty in all patches. . thank you now and hopefully it will be possible! God bless you!

  36. 匿名9/02/2011

    Hi, culd you tell me how to use Multi Scoreboard?
    I was trying to change scoreboard on every screen in game, but it still looks the same. I have no idea how can i select other scoreboard than normal.

  37. Remove Kerlon and Santon (to Newcastle) in Inter and add Poli (Sampdoria).

  38. Jenkey what do you use to edit player stats and transfers? I really wanted to something small for Benfica supporters. I'd appreciate it, I used afs explorer and pes 2011 online editor, but when I put it back in to the game data, it just didn't work, and crashed. Any help please?

  39. I meant I wanted to do it by myself, I used barcafan editor too but it crashes too when I pick teams. I guess It'some sort of conflict with the patch. Help me please, what to use and do?

  40. 匿名9/03/2011

    plz ingnore any things and just release time tooooooooool plz maaaaaaan

  41. Jenkey1002'm do Brasil (sorry Inglês google) eu só posso agradecer o seu trabalho é difícil escrever algo para alguém sobre o "PES" ... aqui no Brasil é usado placar com o contador de 45 minutos primeiro tempo e 45 minutos do segundo tempo (45 minutos x 45 minutos) se você fizer uma ferramenta para converter o padrão de 90min a 45min x 45min é sempre usado aqui com certeza em todos os patches . . muito obrigado agora e espero que seja possível! Deus vos abençoe!

  42. hi Jenkey. You and your modifications are progressing. I have an idea for the visual improvement of this patch. It is very convenient to change the stadium scoreboards and buttons, but we push them blindly (no markings). I propose to make the visual information (if you remember, Juce make such a pes 6). ie text overlay on the game. I even found the right place for this (it will not interfere with or distract).
    I do not understand this, as it's implemented, but I think you can through your program of introduction to the game of the new dll.
    If this is not possible to make a sound proof (you press F1, F2, etc., and you hear a click)
    You can also implement a chip with a choice of ball, the weather ....

    Thanks in advance.
    Please respond to my message, what do you think about it. (Even if you can not implement it)
    I can provide the sounds (clicking, etc.) as well as a nice pes font

  43. and again, here the visual result of checking the stadium and scoreboard in pes 2012:
    look: http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/8972/pes2012.jpg

    thx in advance

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  45. このコメントは投稿者によって削除されました。

  46. I have no words for this change of tool stages .... I know uses it without problems .. I have a good computer to run all quiet and well set a maximum ... being that when I get to choose at any stage to play the video cameras and characters that are outside the field are all black like shadows ... the crowd of shipping to the field this perfect but the fans behind the goals are all at hand! for now this is normal??

  47. Did R.Meireles transfer to chelsea? why i saw he at Liverpool ?

  48. yes, sorry for tranfers data is kinde old.

    I'll fix tool & data soon.

  49. Jenkey please answer me this: I wanted to know if it is normal stages in the pes2012 PES2011 I put into the video cameras and get people off the pitch black??