[PES2012 demo] Teams unlock tool : Ingame Gui preview

Teams unlock tool : Ingame Gui preview

New Features : (still developing)
  • New ingame gui (F1 : show help, F2 : show detail information)
  • +26 stadium support (all stadium of PES2011)
  • Match level, match time changable
  • Ingame Gameplay switchable (3 game mode : KONAMI, Yair, Jenkey)
  • Season & weather force mode (Day-Afternoon-Nigh, Fine - Rain)

workin progress ....need more time to make it stable.

8 件のコメント:

  1. Just plz release tool for match time !

  2. 匿名9/08/2011

    Let him workm don't preasure him, when it's done, he will release, he is finishing so YOU guys (who ask that much for time please) don't have game crashes. So please don't be annoying.

    NICE WORK Jenkey!

  3. 匿名9/08/2011

    Great works Jenkey, Football life mod and training mod unlock please. :)

  4. 匿名9/08/2011

    hi ı am akn35 ı am some problem for add team.
    add sevilla not problem play game
    but ı add atletico madrid not play game ?
    pleas answer

  5. cause you must add kits (also edit model & collar) & change all faces to default.

  6. 匿名9/09/2011

    ı take video and you watch and fine this problem ?