[PES2012 demo] Unlock tool beta version 3.5 beta released

I've done the pre-beta version. Maybe I should publish & wait feedback for make sure it works fine before release the full version.

The features were finished :
  • Ingame gui
  • Change between 27 stadium
  • 7 scoreboard ingame switchable
  • Match time change (5~30 minutes)
  • Force stadium time (day, afternoon, night) - still have bug cause have little diffirent with stadiums of PES2011-PES2012
  • Ball changer not yet ...
Beta version download : 
(tutorial included)

 How to use : 
Keymap :
  • F1 : Show/hide help menu
  • F2 : Show detail setting information
  • F3/F4 : Select stadium
  • F5/F6 : Select scoreboard
  • F7 : Stadium weather switch
  • F8 : Stadium time switch (day/afternoon/night)
  • F9 : Match time switch (should go to General Setting ingame before)
  • 1~9 : Quick select league
It's beta version (have bugs), still developing & need more time to comlete. Please feedback me if have problem.
Have fun !

----------------------------------- Bugs reporting : Q/A ---------------------------

 About stadium select not correct
  In full game stadium will be loaded ater select teams
but in demo version (cause have only 1) it was loaded just after enter "Exhibion", if want select stadium you should do it before "Exhibition"

"Rain mode" doesnt work :
cause in demo version it doesnt exist (code function & model file lacking)

Crash after select team :
  Must edit added team first (kits & faces)
or use any patch already have these.

Fullscreen crash :
- Resolution above 1920x1080 is not supported, please take down your  resolution about below 1600x1200

25 件のコメント:

  1. it's really a great work jenkey
    this year u r actually the top pes editor
    now i just hope u also put the "blurry graphics issue" of pes 2012 in ur upcoming to-do list
    i believe u r the only one who can remove the ugly Gaussian blur filter implemented by konami to worsen the pc version graphics to be equal to the bad graphics of console versions

  2. I kwown, actually really hate that blur graphic. but maybe we should wait next demo version. I will try if it still be there in demo 2.

  3. i'm very happy to hear that from u
    actually it will be in next demo as well as in the final version , it's already confirmed by those who played the review" code also after we watched the gameplay videos from the review code today , it's certainly will be there

  4. Tunizizou9/10/2011

    Great work jenkey ! Can't wait for try the new version of the tool :D

    Anyway , for the blur problem , some people tried final game (review code ) , and the blur filter still active :(

    But on evo web forums , we found something interresting , when you use LOW graphic(in settings.exe) there is no blur !

    So I hope you will find which option/effect konami added to HIGH settings to worsen the graphics

  5. 匿名9/10/2011

    yeeeeeeeeeeh man that what we want ... this tool goinig to be epic ... oh amazig work ..

    im with all who said there is problem with blur and i think its still in review code when we see gameplay video today ..

    i hope you sereach it in because i try in low and no blur .. so i thik there is a key in high ..

    we wait your amazing work ... kiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

  6. Darkc0de9/10/2011

    jenkey great job as always ...!!!!
    You could not put the gameplay (konami, jenkey or yair)) sorry
    but that's okay You're the God of PES


  8. 匿名9/10/2011

    ooooooooooooh what great tool you did ..

    roma forget rain .. we just we time .. and its work ..

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeh you do it ... jankey what the hell work you do .. you are the best editor of pes .. king maaaaaaaaaan ..

    keep up work

  9. sem palavras! Fantástico.. ainda na esperança de ter o contador até 45 do 1º e 2º tempo!

  10. roma_98_checco : rain mode doesnt work cause in demo version it doest exist. (there arent model, code function)

  11. 匿名9/10/2011

    good job,
    its only that the game crash after the 1st game, i mean it runs well for the 1 st game, after that, when i play the 2nd game, it crashes on the team selection screen

  12. hello jenkey you are hero
    perfect work and great
    some problem:-
    1- plz add play again to main menu
    2- why there were trojan in exe file
    3- can i remove songs and how
    4- the words "setting" not clear in game
    5- any Commentator for pes2012 demo ^_^
    thanks again ......

  13. 1) maybe I'll try in 2nd demo
    2) It's not the trojan, totaly clean code. The tool are using memory writting function and Antivirus software always protect PC from that.
    3) delete dt02.img in kitserver folder
    4) dunno what did you mean
    5) impossible : cause there are 2 reasons
    + commentary script is lacking
    + commentary coding not included in demo version

  14. thanks jenkey for reply
    i wish to try unlock extra time too ^_^
    6)What the date of the full version of the game

  15. 匿名9/10/2011

    i crashed after i switch sides
    that means just before the team select is loaded
    i've enjoyed your previous patches and tools in pes 2011 and 2012 demo
    so please keep going!

  16. Darkc0de9/10/2011

    Jenkey am having problems in team selections but if I choose teams already in the demo (eg port vs ac milan not crash) if the order also gives fullscreem crach, I tried to put the PES2012 demo - unlock another tool 3.5 beta patch but every so often let crach image configuration settings


    please help me


  17. 匿名9/10/2011

    my PC don't work if use Play game with : PES2012 demo - unlock teams 3.5 beta.exe
    there are problem this like when to select teams

  18. @Darkc0de :
    if you're using patch, your file PES2011.exe must be attached kitserver. if not added teams take the game crash when you select them

    other problem I'll fix soon.

  19. Darkc0de9/11/2011

    I have nothing jenkey pes 2011 pc, and your patch does not bring the kitserver lol

    Explain better please my English is not the best


  20. Darkc0de9/11/2011

    for all users who are having crash problems, it is best to install the previous version of this patch and then copy the entire contents of the new for the same patch pes12 so at least it worked for me I'm playing without some crashs looolll
    Thank jenkey I felt strange not having kitserver folder but never thought it was out there: P

    Congratulations and thank you friend

  21. Darkc0de9/11/2011


  22. We will have 72 teams unlock patch instead PES2012 2nd demo

  23. and don't forget patching the blurry graphics . jenkey
    it would be an equal reply to their shamful action towards us , the pc gamers

  24. Am I the only one who after copying these files over cannot get my Graphics card to load. I have a 550m, which uses Omnius to auto detect when its needed, I have set the laptop to always use the nvidia graphics, and it works on your previous patch, but once I copy these over it only loads the intel graphics

  25. Update on my issue. Seems to be an issue with the d3d9.dll. Works fine without it. What does it do? Will it run fine without it?