[PES2012 demo2] - 72+1 teams unlocked patch by Jenkey1002 (new 0.4.2 AIO 18/09)

PES2012 demo2 - 72+1 teams unlocked patch released 18/09

Unlock tool features :
  • Add & unlock teams
  • Stadium change : Ingame Switchable
  • Scoreboard change : Ingame Switchable
  • League select : use number 0~9 for quick select league
  • 28 balls changeable in game
  • Unlock general setting : match time, condition, ball, ...
  • Unlock full training chalenge mode
Keymap :
  • F1 : Show/hide help menu
  • F2 : Show detail setting information
  • F3/F4 : Select stadium
  • F5/F6 : Select scoreboard
  • F7 : Stadium weather switch
  • F8 : Stadium time switch (day/afternoon/night)
  • 1~9 : Quick select league
Patch information :
  • Total : 72+1 teams (national teams, clubs, classic + Master League default team)
  • Update all kits 2011-2012 : new but collar & model is not perfect, cause some of them are not included in PES2012 demo version, hope you understand
  • Complete update all transfers
  • "Teams Unlock tool" is included in patch
  • Update hairs for all players & 15 teams will full real faces
  • HD Emblems by Jenkey1002
  • New sound patch by Merdiso
  • New boots pack by DK.Hernandez
  • PES2012 demo team unlock tool by Jenkey1002
  • Stats data : Default KONAMI, edit transfers by Jenkey1002
  • EPL,Serie A, Bundesliga, ESPN, Eredivisie Scoreboard by KO
  • Original PES2012 DEMO2 gameplay
Changelog 0.4.2 version :
  • Fix crash bug, freeze match time ...
  • Added : Emirates Stadium & some new kits
  • Added : Ball preview
  • New fantasy scoreboard
  • New chants
  • New turfs for Allianz Arena
    Download Patch 0.4.2 (All in one - no need old version): 320mb (2parts + easy install)
    (click download, wait 5 seconds > click skip AD and link will appear)  

    How to install : Extract & install to PES2012 demo 2 folder

    Addition 26 stadiums pack : 4 parts
    1. http://adf.ly/2kxXO
    2. http://adf.ly/2kxXP
    3. http://adf.ly/2kxXQ
    4. http://adf.ly/2kxXR
    If you already installed PES2011, no need download, just follow this tutorial

    Recommeded :
    • Disable Antivirus software
    • Run game via "PES2012 demo2 - unlock teams 3.9.exe" (Alway run as administrator in Win7 & Vista)
    • If got crash : try again with "PES2012 demo2 - unlock teams (safe mode).exe"
    • Remember : if wanna switch stadium, please do that before start Exhibition
    Credit : 
    • Tool : Master Juce for kitserver, barcafan for UDE
    • Boots : DK.Hernandez
    • Sound patch : Merdiso
    • Kit : Tottimas, Gerlam, PESEDIT, Dark Nero, VinVanDam13, Txak, Beast
      Referee's kit : alen_petrin & Tunizizou
    • Scoreboard : KO, Strank
    • Faces : hosamalfars, Pablo Nievas
    • Thanks to : xristos karsiwtis for PSG kits & faces
    • Data fix : felix_rap
    • Thanks to :  evo-web community, Ariel & moddingway.com, all face makers & kit makers, Yair, Carby

    18 件のコメント:

    1. 匿名9/18/2011

      and the transfers...?¿

    2. 匿名9/18/2011

      okay thanks

    3. 匿名9/18/2011

      i find a fail.

      diego ribas no is in atletico de madrid

    4. Cause VfL Wolfsburg doesnt existed in KONAMI's data

    5. 匿名9/19/2011

      Jenkey me how can I do the first part of your new patch 0.4.2 I did not download it on mediafire could you do me the favor to give me the download link on megaupload or uploading

    6. amazing stuff jenkey-san :) arigato!

    7. 匿名9/19/2011

      Jenkey I downloaded version 0.4.2 but when I open the game screen is all black and does nothing, not part of the game, what should I do?

    8. 1) You must install PES2012 2nd demo first
      2) and install the patch to same folder with PES2012 2nd demo.

    9. 匿名9/19/2011

      Jenkey there is a bug
      If the half time whistle and we choose "HIGHLIGHT"
      then the game will crash
      Can you fix it

    10. 匿名9/19/2011

      Jenkey~ how to fix a roster?

    11. 匿名9/19/2011

      Jenkey - great work, please can you help with a problem, the ball is black when I play, I select different balls but they are all just black color, please help??

    12. Jenkey Pls tell Me How Can I Edit Player Abilities
      Pls Please.I Used Barcafans Ultimate editor But It Didnt Work With Demo-2.
      So kindly Help me

    13. Hi Jenkey. I want to unlock one more team. Is possible? And what I have to do?

    14. If you wanna add teams, have 2 things must do
      1) edit face & hair for all players of team. (use no face/hair or relink to existed data)
      2) edit kit ( import & relink to kit and remember "kit's model" must be exist )
      you can see Bayern, Inter's kit to known which model included in demo version

    15. thx alot jenkey at this amazing work but where is owen hargreaves at man city !!!!!

    16. このコメントは投稿者によって削除されました。

    17. KrulAmirul3/31/2012

      Mediafire link is dead..can you reupload to Mediafire?