[PES2012 demo2] Do you like new ball physic (FIFA's)

I changed PES's ballphysic looks like FIFA
- more curve
- light ball
- change rebound value
Do you like this ?
Here's clip

Version 1 :

Version 2 : curve ball 1 (see in larger screen, you can see the ball rotate)

Version 3 : curve ball 2 (see in larger screen, you can see the ball rotate)

zoom in

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  1. 匿名9/21/2011

    when you put the download link..?

  2. Subarashii, Jenkey-san! Arigato for your hard work and programming :) KONAMI should hire you - you have skills! I like the new curve for the ball, it seems so real! I just wait for your patch! Maybe we could colaborate in the future, if you aren't already in a team for other patch :) Here is a patch I made for PES 11 - many teams had fake players, but the idea is great anyway. I have access to a football manager database of 1,000,000 players from all the world :) I could create any team from any national league you like :)

    You should make a team, picking good people from your blog visitors, and make this great patch containing all the most important championships of the world :)

    I can't do it on my own, it's a huge work.

    Secondly, i'm not a programmer like you to make selectors and other things.

    I can create teams, make their logos in Adobe Fireworks, edit leagues names and other simple editing jobs.

    You are our master, it's your call.



  3. 匿名9/22/2011

    When ready

  4. 匿名9/22/2011

    When will be ready