[PES2012] Gameplay tool 2.00 : StadiumServer + stadiums pack (Released 30-10)

Gameplay tool 2.00 : StadiumServer + stadiums pack (Released 30-10)

Stadium Server feature :
  • Stadium Server - add more stadiums in PES2012 without replace default stadiums.
  • Support Ingame edit home ground to Added Stadiums 
  • Work with all patchs (also use kitserver or non-kitserver)
Stadium pack :
  1. Stamford Bridge
  2. Emirates
  3. White hart lane
  4. Anfield
  5. Etihad
Previews :

Download (6 part - 578Mb)
  1. Part 1 : http://adf.ly/3TfsB 
  2. Part 2 : http://adf.ly/3TgCn
  3. Part 3 : http://adf.ly/3TgXE
  4. Part 4 : http://adf.ly/3Th1A
  5. Part 5 : http://adf.ly/3ThLt
  6. Part 6 : http://adf.ly/3Tha1
How to install addition stadium :
  • Extract, move all file and folder to PES2012 installed folder 
  • Overwrite original file (or backup them it need)
  • Play game with Gameplay - run.exe

Credit : barcafan (PES2011 UDE), sxsxsx (Stadium Export & Import tool), Twich (White Hart Lane stadium)

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  1. Download link?

  2. PLEASE! Add support for XP system! Does not work there!

  3. it works fine
    Im using XP too

  4. Great work, Jenkey1002!
    I enjoy PES2012 with your gaming tool so much!


  6. i dont know how to make it X_X

  7. hi jenkey,
    i need your help in creating a new team. i've been trying to get the kenyan national team featured in the game for 2 years now. could you kindly give me instructions on how to do it?
    thanks broh

  8. i have error whit rld.dll but i fix it.
    but when i worked white 1.01 crack it while be close and no any error message. please fix it.

  9. Rawk! Are you kenyan? If you can, please go to moddingway and sign up to help them with the matrix pes 2012 patch, they have plans of including kenya in their patch but need someone to help them

  10. absolutely stunning!!

    Great work master!

  11. jenkey can u change about freekick shooting accurate...its almost 100% can be score by AI if they given freekick by a referee near the penalty box ;) ..and too many foul by AI but referee dont give me a freekick or penalty but when i do something normal or soft tackle the referre will give AI a freekick...its not fair for me ....

    and what the hell freekick from AI can score about 4+(M) from penalty box ;) ........ LOL its amazing .....

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  13. jenkey, one would like to convert the stadium for pes 2009 to pes 2012, as I do that?, else you're expanding the slot stages pes 2012?

  14. Jenkey, i have a problem with "addition stadium", in the amsterdam arena, the guard is in the turf.

  15. Is Amsterdam Arena have Anfield Pic
    Or just mine?