New Project Announced : PES Img Explorer

PES Img Explorer coming soon

Screenshot :

  • The tool will be similar with GGS, PES UDE, Afs Explorer
  • Can use with both oldgen & nextgen file : PES6 & PES2011,2012
Supported platforms:
  • PC & Console
  • Most of part in sourcecode is C++ compiled with VS2010 (not use .Net)
  • The tool use addition libraries
    Zlib :
    FFmpeg :
    Libpng :
Features :
  • Img import,export file(s), folder
  • Img slot expander : add more slot for .img file (also support old format : .afs, .dkz) (100% done)
  • Texture preview, export, import : support up to 10 formats (.png, .dds, .tif, .tga, .bmp, ...)
  • Audio preview, export, import : up to 32 formats convertable
  • (Video format convert to adx,aix)
  • Font editor : 50% done - working in PES6 font
  • Zlib & unzlib : PC & Console (100%)
  • Hex editor : 60% done
  • Str editor : 100% done
  • 3D preview, export : export any PES 3dmodel to 3ds format (50% done - need more time with PES6 model)
Team members (currently) :
  • Jenkey1002
  • Eto
  • Omar Ahmed
  • Phranck
  • Liberostelios

    10 件のコメント:

    1. I have a question:
      can you convert pes 6 stadiums to pes 12
      or convert to pes 10 then from pes 10 to pes 12?

    2. hi jenkey you always release something great for us(don´t forget the dt08 snow turf please)the question above is interesting so can we import stadiums with extra slots like the stadium server because i don´t know how to add stadium through the stadium server ? bye master jenkey!!!

    3. 匿名1/31/2012

      good job jenkey but what we need something that will help all of us not just the modders ,for example 3 kit selection or something

    4. 匿名1/31/2012

      jenkey i adore you <3

    5. 匿名1/31/2012

      great job !!! thank you very much guys

    6. 匿名2/03/2012

      what about your project on third kits?

    7. Jenkey make a part from your tool to edit in a full map to get the small map correctly!
      Example Map from Portugal changed to Japan Map, then we need to get the cordinates perfect to put the japanese map in that country.


    8. 匿名2/14/2012

      Thank for this nice tool. I've already try the beta version. May I ask, can this tool resize the .bin slot in .img file?

    9. It is a great tool. many thanks for the work and time spent. I wonder if you can use this tool to edit the scoreboard in hexadecimal form. from already thank you very much.

    10. Jen ơi cho mình hỏi...sao máy mình mở PES IMG lên thì mình ko nhấn được vào bất cứ icon nào....VD: Open, Tools...nhấn vào mà không thấy xuất hiện gì á...giúp mình với...!