[PES2012] Gameplay tool - New version 5.0.0 full (1/5)

PES2012 Gameplay tool version 5.00 released (1/5)

Change log & New features in 5.00 :
  • Realtime AI mode : New mode allow COM can learn from match & change tactic, formation realtime
  • Animation boost : slide for allows to change motion's speed and help you play with better response
  • Added Xbox360 Controller Vibration mod : vibrate gamepad when make foul, penalty, goal (current it supports Xbox360 controller & Xbox360 emulator only)
  • Small change with config file : now there's seperate folder for config file, all configuration will be move to folder name : "Gameplay tool\" (please see the install tutorial picture here)

    New Gameplay mode changelog :
    • Improve game's physic
    • Adjustment : speed, AI active, Player movement...
    Gameplay tool features :
    • Unlock all leagues in UEFA CL & COPA LIBERTADORES
    • Unlock all leagues selection in CUP mode
    • Change match time
    • Freeside selection
    • On/off replay logo
    • Use more replay data
    • Multi-scoreboard - ingame switchable (requirement addtion scoreboard)
    • StadiumServer : add more stadium without replace
    • Referee kit selection in game (Press F5 to select - before start match)
    • Replay disable (optionable)
    • Blurry disable : sharpen graphic
    • Work with anypatch & non-patch
    • Comtiable with Kitserver also no-kitserver
    • Leagueserver module included (optionable)
    • Slider for ball physic, ball speed
    • Change game physic
    • Change shot power
    • AI balance : remove AI cheating script
    • Realistic dribble
    Keymap (default) :
    • F1/F2 : Show/hide menu ingame
    • F3/F4 : Switch scoreboard, name will be shown in top-left
    • F5 :  Switch referee kits
    • F6 :  Snow turf mode (requirement : Full pack HD turf for all stadium)
    • F7 : Switch Realtime AI tactic mode
    • F8 : Show/Hide AI status bar
    Version 5.00 : http://adf.ly/79rmD

    Addon 24 in 1 scoreboard : http://adf.ly/3hPVd
    Addon Snowturf (if dont wanna download Turf pack ) : http://adf.ly/4LL0i

    How to install & play :
    • Play game with "PES2012 - Gameplay run"
    • Alway run it as Administrator & disable antivirus (or add to exception list) if have false alarm

    How to use addition scoreboard : 
    • Extract & move to "dt06.img"  in kitserver folder
    • Exam root : 
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\kitserver\pesedit-scoreboards\img\dt06.img\

    Credits : Juce, Komu, Yair, Barcafan, Tunizizou
    Special thanks to scoreboards makers : Stranxk, KO, Taxk, Hickville

    Enjoy & leave your comments below !

    Discussion about gameplay tool :  http://forums.evo-web.co.uk/showthread.php?t=65411
    visit forum also you can read more great reviews & feedbacks

    29 件のコメント:

    1. hi jenkey it's sam again i hope you passed a awesome end of year,i'd like to know if you can post the snow turf internal stadiums separetely because i wanna put in dt08.img but i need the turf separetely,i know i just bother you but pleeeease post separetely the snow turf for the stadiums and for the internal stadiums(your gameplay doesn't enable the sknow in default internal stadiums)thank you so much

    2. it didn't work the vibratoin x360,gamepad is so generic!!!kkkkk can you do something to enable in generic gamepad or may be it's just my mistake?bye

    3. no, It's support Xbox360 controller only.
      Because I dont have another gamepad so cannot test.

    4. このコメントは投稿者によって削除されました。

    5. Wow Realtime AI mode is awesome :D

    6. hey jenkey, do you know how to starting team of uefa cl or/and uefa europe league? do you know how to change team of uefa super league or/and fifa club world cup? if you know, please tell me how...

    7. megapack stadiums crashes with this tool

    8. move "stadium.ini" to folder "Gameplay tool\stadium.ini"

    9. works but i still have some crashes changing stadiums in exbition mode

    10. Jenkey1002
      I wanted to change the names of the UEFA Champions League and Copa Santander Libertadores, to change the names of the two competitions have to unlock them and (gameplay tool - New version 5.0.0 full) unlock more I'm not getting, you me help?
      {my msn jjgatoitba@hotmail.com}

    11. 匿名1/07/2012

      hey jenkey libertadores teams isnt unlocked in cl mode but i did choose that option,what is the problem

    12. So Realtime feature is only work when against COM...my question is "is it also work when we do watch match (exhibition) n coach mode(Master league)..??

    13. when u go to fix this crashes?

    14. As the game loads and ends up fighting not only proceeds and the music is playing, use the pesedit 2.6, compatible others? now grateful for their efforts

    15. 匿名1/09/2012

      Nice gameplay, Jenkey, works fine for me except the Replay Disable option which doesn't cancel the replays. Good luck!

    16. jenkey you edited new turfs for edit mode stadium,can you edit just one turf with snow separetely for default stadium so we could change the default stadium dt08.img whatever,however and whenever we want following the map for the respective stadium that we have created even to choose if day,afternoon,night,my gameplay crash when i try to save my master league why?is it because i want to play with libertadore team?thank you master jenkey!

    17. move "stadium.ini" to folder "Gameplay tool\stadium.ini" -------------> still have crashes

    18. hi jenkey i think you would like to kick my ass with your gamepaly kkkk,hey man just let a turf for edit stadium with the snow effect(example unnamed_1579,night,rain)so we could replace the your turfs in dt08.img and choose if it is "cold weather" for the edit stadiums in game however we want or may be you could enable this in gameplay,i know i asking you for many sh..s but i think this make the game more real you know?thank you

    19. 匿名1/13/2012

      jen oi sao minh chay file pes2012.exe bằng cách runas mà f3-f4 lại ko dùng được nhỉ? double click thì vẫn f3-f4 được

    20. 匿名1/19/2012

      Game freeze before starting a match and when I go to the edit mod

    21. 匿名1/25/2012

      helo jenkey,
      can u make the gameplay tool to SUPPORT Creative Alchemy ??
      If i enabled Alchemy on my PESS 2012, the tool won't RUN.
      I need Creative Alchemy to boost SFX Volume in my PES 2012.
      Thank you very much...

    22. 匿名1/25/2012

      hey jenkey thanks for this tool,its superb,but please make the new tool that improve goalkeepers, they are to stupid

    23. 匿名1/27/2012

      Hi Jenkey. Your stadium server is excellent. I had to stop using it when 1.03 came out. (I used to get "yyyyyyyy" when the game was loading and the stadiums were no longer there) I downloaded your new game tools: 4.3.1 and 5.0.0 but they only work if the stadium server is unchecked. if stadium server is selected the game seems to freeze (i.e. next screen won't come up and none of the keys do anything. The music still plays and I can still adjust your in game menu though) when I go to exhibition just after I select whether I am the home or away team, or when I go to edit mode and try to change a team's stadium. I have not downloaded anything except for the stadium server and your latest game tools. Do I need to download anything else or is there something else I need to do to install them properly? Thanks

    24. 匿名1/27/2012

      Please excuse me. I wrote the last comment but have since managed to get it to work. I was trying to install it on another copy of pes2012 which i have on my system in a seperate location to the default one. (I have it in case there is a problem with the patch I am using. I get past any error by playing a saved game on that version which is the original pes2012). Maybe the stadium server only works on the copy which was installed properly rather than just copied. Thanks again for your great Stadiums server

    25. 匿名1/30/2012

      jenkey can you explain realtime ai mode more thoroughly? how does the cpu play differently with it on?

    26. 匿名1/30/2012

      When i use this gameplay tool to play ,it is very "lag" and the difficultly didn't change ,what should i do?

    27. The option that disable the replay for offside doesn't work in this version!! hope you can improve that in v6.0 :)

    28. 匿名2/07/2012

      does not work in pesedit 2.8 closes the game before starting the game

    29. 匿名2/19/2012

      can u give me the rar password