How to use Tommsen chant pack with Chantserver

 How to use Tommsen chant pack with Chantserver

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Default Re: Gameplay tool - Version 6.2.1 + chantserver released 2-27

here is my painstaking map for the chants.


Presuming all your chants in the tommsen pack are "unnamed_xxx" copy them into the chant folder in gametool put the chants.ini into the gametool folder replacing the one that is there. (yuo might want to back up just in case) If you already have the chants in kitserver just copy them from the dt01.img folder.

If it doesen't work for some i'm afraid i don't know any solutions. I cannot take any credit for the chants only for the map txt. Enjoy people.

Fire patch team


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  1. Thank you Jenkey, If I may ask again, can you gives us an idea of the top teams number linked to each chant, like 102 is for Chelsea and 109 for madrid, what is for ManU, Barcelona, Arsenal, ... PLZ

  2. you can find them with teamlist.txt in kitserver folder.

  3. Thank you very much, by the way I did figured out just when I posted the comment, I used PES 2012 Editor 1.4 and went on tab Teams, I looked for Madrid Game ID (109) and Chelsea (102) and so on, Thanks for the good work!

  4. 匿名3/04/2012

    Is it a map for just the baseline or the tommsen with 1.bundesliga add-on?