[PES2012] Addon module for kitserver : "SFX sound booster"

Addon module for kitserver : "SFX sound booster"
Description :

- It will make all SFX sound louder
- Support all version of PES2012 : 1.00, 1.01, 1.02, 1.03
 Download : http://adf.ly/6ITeM 

How to use :
- Extract & copy to kitserver folder
- Use notepad edit config.txt in kitserver folder

add this line

dll = soundbooster
dll = afsio
dll = kserv
dll = fserv
dll = afs2fs
dll = speeder
dll = lodmixer
dll = sides
dll = soundbooster
Have fun !

Credit : master Juce (for kitserver source)

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  1. 匿名3/15/2012

    hey jenkey very good job for all tools and all of the rest but could u make a 3 kit selection in every mode , and if u could make a players names and power bar be below on the screen like in older pes games