[PES2012] Gameplay tool - Version 6.4.1 small fix (04/03)

Gameplay tool - Version 6.4.1 (04/03)
Gameplay tool version 6.40 + 6.41 :
  • Fixed : crash issue when use new gameplay mode
  • Added option : Ball selection, injure, substuation (will be selectable after change match time)
  • Added option : Change AI difficult level (easy/normal/hard/very hard)
  • Added option : Remove script advance mode 
  • New features : Stadium switch ingame
  • New features : Ball switch ingame
  • Fixed : chantserver sound glich
  • Fixed : match time bug
  • Fixed : GUI bug
  • New Gameplay mode changelog : Remove many unstopable movement AI scrip, improve AI interception

New Gameplay mode changelog :
  • Improve game's physic
  • Adjustment : speed, AI active, Player movement... 
  • Improve GK reaction 
  • Remove many unstopable movement & AI script
Gameplay tool features list :
  • Unlock all leagues in UEFA CL & COPA LIBERTADORES
  • Unlock all leagues selection in CUP mode
  • Change match time
  • Freeside selection
  • On/off replay logo
  • Use more replay data
  • On/off crowd in stadium
  • Ball selection
  • Fast start game option
  • Multi-scoreboard - ingame switchable (requirement addtion scoreboard)
  • StadiumServer : add more stadium without replace
  • Referee kit selection in game (Press F5 to select - before start match)
  • Replay disable (optionable)
  • Blurry disable : sharpen graphic
  • Work with anypatch & non-patch
  • Comtiable with Kitserver also no-kitserver
  • Leagueserver module included (optionable)
  • Slider for ball physic, ball speed
  • Change game physic
  • Change shot power
  • AI balance : remove AI cheating script
  • Realistic dribble
Keymap (default) :
  • F1/F2 : Show/hide menu ingame
  • F3/F4 : Switch scoreboard, name will be shown in top-left
  • F5 :  Switch referee kits
  • F6 :  Snow turf mode (requirement : Full pack HD turf for all stadium)
  • F7 : Switch Realtime AI tactic mode
  • F8 : Show/Hide AI status bar
  • 1,2 : Ball selection ingame
Version 6.41 : http://adf.ly/CcxUq

Addon 26 in 1 scoreboard : http://adf.ly/6OmXm
Addon Snowturf (if dont wanna download Turf pack ) : http://adf.ly/6Gite

How to install & play :
  • Play game with "PES2012 - Gameplay run" or Attach gameplay tool direct to your exe file
  • Alway run it as Administrator & disable antivirus (or add to exception list) if have false alarm
How to use addition scoreboard : 
  • Extract & move to "dt06.img"  in kitserver folder
  • Exam root : 
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\kitserver\pesedit-scoreboards\img\dt06.img\

Credits : Juce, Komu, Barcafan, Tunizizou, Hany3
Special thanks to 
  • Scoreboards makers :Stranxk, KO, Taxk, Hickville
  • Sound effect master : Hasan Mustan
  • Adboard makers : 88lucagall, lobosemillas
  • Language translation : w!Ld@, Tottimas, Tunizizou,Dunksuriya, Taxk,M@tsumot0,NeC,Paul @WECN,Blink CLXXXII,bukowski, altair, Enzo, Mitsaras4, Hudo, Maize
Enjoy & leave your comments below !

53 件のコメント:

  1. 匿名3/18/2012

    it shows error everytime i exit the program gameplay config

  2. ;) updated new link. Can you try it again ?

  3. 匿名3/18/2012

    what is the meaning of ball selection, substition and the injure.
    Can you tell us more

  4. when you want to force use selected ball, sub, injury in ML, BAL or League & Cup.
    Cause cannot setting them before ML match.

  5. Adbords blacks in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, even with the disabled in opcção Gameplay! Jenkey help me!!

  6. why is it that the computer gets all the fouls and when they do the same tackle to me (user) the referee does not call foul. when i turn ur gameplay off it works good but with your gameplay i get no fouls, no freekicks, no nothing.....and why are free kicks soo hard to score, keeper makes impossible saves and very hard to get over the wall. i used to be amazing at freekick untill your patch, fix it please

  7. 匿名3/20/2012

    hey jenkey why when i exit the game the error appears but ingame everything is working fine btw i'm using pesshop patch and i attach the tool on pesshop.exe

  8. although I turn down the sound effects from the tools during the game the sounds are still loud...why??

  9. 匿名3/20/2012

    Cannot attach so I have a resolution issue :/

    Can you helpe me Jenkey?

  10. 匿名3/22/2012

    hey replay dissabler does not working in master league , i disable it but still see it

  11. hello jenkey.i want your font that you use it in game from it.please put its link for me.

  12. 匿名3/23/2012

    and can u work a little bit more on the goalkeepers , they are still to stupid

  13. 匿名3/30/2012

    hi jenkey what was the level of the AI in the pervious tool ? hard or very ?

  14. in version 6.4.0, it was hard.

  15. 匿名3/30/2012

    plz focus on the online private server , pes fans are waiting this bomb from genius like u , keep going man

  16. Adbords blacks in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, even with the disabled in opcção Gameplay! Jenkey help me!!

  17. 匿名3/30/2012

    the game out and make error at the team choosing menu if u checked the enable game module when i disabled the game opened perfect ( win 7 sp1 x 64 intel 3 cor2duo and 1 giga nividia geforce )

  18. when new gameplay released,, it is ok to replace only Gameplay config.exe, so i can preserve old setting?

  19. @Victor : if disable adboard server , you should delete adboard pack even.

    @khamim : you can keep setting ini files and copy them after update new version.

  20. 匿名3/30/2012

    the new config.exe is not working for me. It`s shown in taskmanager but does not open any window.

  21. 匿名3/31/2012

    the new tool worked good and didn't make error when i disabled the enable aspect ratio correction in kit server config.
    when will the private online work?

  22. Hi Jenkey, what is the difference between:
    "Remove AI cheat scripts"
    "Remove Script Advance Mode"?

    Also, does Level of Detail (LOD) change graphic detail?

    Thanks. =)

  23. 匿名3/31/2012

    yes what is the difference between:
    "Remove AI cheat scripts"
    "Remove Script Advance Mode"?

  24. hello,.. I love your tool, it is GREAT! and made adding chants easy hehe for me ... I have just one question.. is there a way I can add unique chant for each team after making goal?
    Thank you for your work. much appreciated

  25. what is ( new game-play mode difficult level ) is it like in the game difficult levels or this is different ?

  26. 匿名4/01/2012

    please help:

    when i use your new gameplaytool, and start a new ML, all ok..

    when i want to play a friendly game, and i click on friendly game, the game crashes !!

    please help !

  27. 匿名4/01/2012

    Gameplay in Jenkey tool - Version 6.4.1 is a bug.

    In ML when it makes a lot of games followed the chants of the opposing team starts to look bad ...

    Please try to fix it fast friend

  28. 匿名4/02/2012

    when private online server will work?

  29. Please help...

    the game crashes when i play friendly match

  30. when i try to play friendly match the game crash...can u fix it jenkey

  31. ;) updated new fix
    hope it will work for you all.

  32. 6.3.1 works fine any version after that still crash when the match starts

  33. Version 6.4.1 small fix (04/03) also has the same problem for me.

  34. 匿名4/05/2012

    plz jenkey which level is best very hard or default for better movement and pass and defense when i play 1 vs 1

  35. Hi Jenkey, I would like to ask you if it will be possible for you to include previous gameplay mode in the tools like in a list where we can select the preferable version. I for once still play version 6.2 which I see as the best. I liked 4.3 also, but since the new version from 6.3 to 6.4 I feel like I don't have full control, lot pass are controlled by the AI and sometimes even when all assistance are OFF, a player of my team can just kick the ball out which was not suppose to happen. Today I also saw a bug with the keeper, my keeper just stood there and let a goal go in, and in another match the keeper even touched the ball to bring it in the goal, If possible either you include previous gameplay mode like in a list the way you do with difficulty level (a list to choose). If that won't be possible can we have version 6.2 with new fix like the sound bug and all, please.

  36. hey jenkey to help us all , your next update must include a document explaining the options of your tool to be able to use all of them
    1- differ between levels of NEW AI and which is better for better movement
    2- differ between removing script advancing mode and AI cheat script and default
    3- what is the unstoppable movement
    4- increasing or decreasing ball speed can help us for what ?
    5- what is the animation boost?
    and so on ...
    i asked u here and on facebook plz explian to us

  37. 匿名4/05/2012

    I have a problem
    every time i turn on my pc i have to re-attach the gameplay
    it doesn't stay attached when i turn off my pc
    wht's the problem??

  38. Thanks uploader,,, postingan kamu boleh juga!!!
    visit my blog http://punya-rizal.blogspot.com

  39. mikered824/08/2012

    Jenkey please lower the rate of AI interceptions at least on normal difficulty (gameplay too difficulty). It's very annoying that at every long pass that I make CPU players intercept it. Because of this normal difficulty it's to hard and the easy difficulty it's too easy. Thank very much!

  40. Please help me jenkey, whenever I try to run pes2012.exe either by attaching or via gameplay-run.exe it crashes immediately. I can not use any feature please help.

  41. @Shantanu Sarkar : try to open config tool & enable Safemode
    I hope it will work

  42. the goalkeeper sometimes disappears...

  43. i need help!everytime i close the game...i get an error saying that the memory cannot be written...please help me!

  44. hey so it works fine but for some reason when i put these files in my PES folder, when i go to settings suddenly the game is not recognizing my graphics card. cause i have a hybrid laptop, where it has both intel hd graphics AND the dedicated card. game works fine without this gameplay thing of yours but when i put that in it suddenly doesnt recognize my card anymore. weird? any help?

  45. hi Ansser
    You should use gameplay config tool & enable safemode. It will work for you.

  46. Jenkey please help...i really want to play >.< ...sry if this sounds a little a desperate...i really want to play!ty in advance!

  47. 匿名4/15/2012

    Chants don't work in BAL mode. Jen, can you fix it?

  48. 匿名4/16/2012

    Well, it works actually, but only if you start a new career. Which is also not good.
    Jenkey, is this possible to make changes in chants list in the middle of the career?

  49. Adbords blacks in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, even with the disabled in opcção Gameplay! Jenkey help me!!

    I do not adborads pasted the folder because I do not like the server adbords even more so when the game Eufa Champions league and the UEFA Europa League adboards are all black! 1 only when I use your gameplay ferremante 6.4.1!
    others have downloaded more adboards not solve please upgrade to the next version! thanks a Fan of BRAZIL! CANDITO

  50. Hi!
    I can't attach peseidt exe, ho can i attach please help

  51. 匿名5/04/2012

    please help !!!

    in friendly match i hear all chants from chants folder, in ML i don´t hear the chants from the other team,
    only my team..

    please help me, what have i to do ??

    Match Settings:

    Crowd mode: Normal
    Chant volume: 28
    Effect volume: 48
    Chant Mode: 8

    thanks ..

  52. 匿名5/07/2012

    Chants don't work properly in ML and BAL.

  53. when you release private server?