Addon for kitserver : use 2 emblem/flag styles ingame

Addon for kitserver : use 2 emblem/flag styles ingame

This addon will allow to use 2 style of flag ingame.
Team selection screen :

During anthem : (automatic back to default style)

Download : http://adf.ly/9eTfO
(Feel free to use, and reporting bug if notice.)

How to add it to kitserver :
  • put dll to kitserver folder, edit config.txt in kitserver
  • and add more line "dll = emblem" (rename it if you want)
dll = afsio
dll = kserv
dll = fserv
dll = afs2fs
dll = speeder
dll = lodmixer
dll = emblem
How to add second style flag :
  • Use PES Img Explore
  • Click block flag & duplicate it
  • Rename new block to "leaf_8080_###"
  • Example :

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  1. This is only for your patch? And you can do for all the patches? Please.

    1. use for any patch you want.

    2. After edit config pes not started

  2. And if we have the emblem in the EDIT ?

  3. the link its broken !!!

  4. This Link Broken,Please reupload.... Thanks...