EURO2012 DLC unofficial patch update 1.1 (released 06/14)

  • Update formation, lineup for all EURO teams
  • Update lastest boots &  correct assign
  • Play with 8 EURO stadium in Cup mode (without replace)
  • Update kits : fixed color & sleeve
  • Update real EURO replay logo 
  • Add more face & hair
  • Update transfers for EURO & Normal patch (FL playable with both mode)
  • Update EURO adboard for 8 UERO stadiums 
 Realistic EURO adboard (center adboard is static, the rest is rotation)
Update 1.1 : http://adf.ly/BZT8G

Note :
  • Disable Antivirus software before install
  • If cannot start game, try to detach and attach the euro kitserver again to the euro2012.exe (run manager.exe in Euro2012 folder -> select euro2012.exe -> detach -> attach)
  • If notice kits are wrong, copy zlib1.dll in Euro2012 folder to Windows\System32\ and restart your PC
  • Alway Install & Play game with "Run as Adminitrator"

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  1. that's good jenkey very nice update
    but u can modify camera man Euro kit too,
    and fix Euro ScoreBoard bec. there is some bugs
    like that when u score a goal the name place not in a right a position and Statistics during match fouls,corners....etc not in a right position
    i hope u understand me

  2. 匿名6/13/2012

    please look at inter team there are errors in formation
    in fc bayern münchen has emre can (turk) black face its wrong :)
    ingame menu (german lang) has UEFA europa league a name of Copa Santander Libertadores..

    i know this is more for euro 2012 but i just say it :)

    good luck with patch

    best regards

  3. would be cool to have the same team groups and schedule of matches are the same as in the present Euro-2012. just do perfectly well what would all the matches taking place at the same stadium as in real life.

  4. Jenkey, can you transfer indonesia national team to asia?

  5. Can U tell me .. this Patch Compatible with PESEdit Patch 3.4 or not

  6. 匿名6/13/2012

    jENKEY, can you add Zambia national team??

  7. 1.can u make update transfer player (EPL and other league ) in EURO2012 not in normal patch ...
    2.please take a look in EPL kits there something error with the away kits
    3.i am playing ML with UERO2012 dlc ....so can i use my save games when i play normal patch ?

  8. 1 more thing ....can u make sure only euro2012 teams will be available in group matches ......whatever i select each team it will be automaticlly just real one ....i choose itali and i will be play in group C with spain and the rest ...so either i choose german i will play with denmark and belanda n the rest......

  9. Can u replace the UEFA EURO 2012 adboard (center) with the stadium name?
    Thanks for the great work mate

  10. I just want the patch to WORK, which it didn't do the first time. I have SMOKE Patch 4.73 and just that. Won't work. I disabled antivirus, ran parts 1, 2 and the update. Ran as admin when done. Game does not start. I tried EURO DLC Launcher; no effect, the game simply won't start. I unzipped part 1 of the patch, and then found out parts 2-14 are the exact same executibles; parts 2-9 have parts 1 and 2; parts 10 through 14 have just part 2. I really want to make this patch work, but why does it need to be split up into 14 parts if the first part has the executibles I need? Do all 14 zip files need to be in the PES 2012 directory or what?

  11. jenkey can we skip the play-off round ....i want to start new euro2012 in group stage with original teams....see this picture please http://footyroom.com/videos/international/euro2012/

    ...look like an original one ;) .....

  12. please see this... http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/842/1726736w2w.jpg/sr=1
    can u make the uero2012 teams will be auto inside the group stage without any play-off round ;) .....

  13. 匿名6/14/2012

    if we doesnt have a patch just your patch there are backgrounds of pesvn patch and replay logo too..please make this default

  14. 匿名6/14/2012

    and please update the team formations of normal patch there are wrong formations example : chelsea, milan..

  15. 匿名6/15/2012

    not much different, bro...
    the starting line up for the euros team is still the same as before installing the update patch...and the faces, there are players is still with the older faces, such as willems (netherlands), j. boateng (germany), ...

  16. Are you sure ?
    Formation & Lineup are up to date. Maybe you should start the new game if still use old save file.

  17. it's happened to me too
    and the adboard still same
    how to fix it?

    1. take a screenshot please

    2. このコメントは投稿者によって削除されました。

    3. *EDIT: Problem has been solved
      Thx Jenkey :)

  18. Jenkey can you fix squad and formation of Macedonia ?

  19. WTF...
    In UEFA EURO 2012 Menu have playoff and 8 groups !
    8 Groups ? Euro have 4 groups with qualifications - 9 groups with 6 teams

    1. play in league & cup will have 16 teams, 4 groups. problem is you didnt read

    2. But no qualifications and there is not interesting

  20. 匿名6/16/2012

    Agora sim está tudo certo, muito bom trabalho Jenkey1002 parabens.

  21. 匿名6/16/2012

    Jogando com 11 stadiums EPL na premier league, muito bom mesmo.

  22. The Current squad of Macedonian National Football team:

    GK Edin Nuredinoski 21 April 1982 (age 30) 14 0 Ethnikos Achna
    GK Martin Bogatinov 26 April 1986 (age 26) 9 0 Karpaty Lviv
    DF Nikolče Noveski 28 April 1979 (age 33) 50 3 Mainz 05
    DF Goran Popov * 2 October 1984 (age 27) 41 2 Dynamo Kyiv
    DF Vanče Šikov 19 July 1985 (age 26) 21 3 Volyn Lutsk
    DF Boban Grnčarov 12 August 1982 (age 29) 24 1 Lierse
    DF Daniel Mojsov 25 December 1987 (age 24) 16 0 Vojvodina
    DF Daniel Georgievski 17 February 1988 (age 24) 7 0 Šibenik
    DF Vladimir Dimitrovski 30 November 1988 (age 23) 2 0 Mladá Boleslav
    DF Stefan Ristovski 12 February 1992 (age 20) 2 0 Frosinone
    DF Yani Urdinov 28 March 1991 (age 21) 2 0 Ekranas
    MF Muhamed Demiri 20 November 1985 (age 26) 12 0 Thun
    MF Mario Gjurovski * 11 December 1985 (age 26) 12 2 Muangthong United
    MF Agim Ibraimi 29 August 1988 (age 23) 10 0 Maribor
    MF Nikola Gligorov 15 August 1983 (age 28) 7 0 Alki Larnaca
    MF Muarem Muarem 22 October 1988 (age 23) 4 0 Qarabağ
    MF Stefan Spirovski 23 August 1990 (age 21) 3 0 Borac Čačak
    MF Flamur Tairi 24 November 1990 (age 21) 0 0 Teuta
    FW Goran Pandev (C) 27 July 1983 (age 28) 64 24 Napoli
    FW Ivan Tričkovski 18 April 1987 (age 25) 18 3 APOEL
    FW Filip Ivanovski 1 May 1985 (age 27) 8 1 Vardar
    FW Ferhan Hasani 18 June 1990 (age 21) 9 1 Wolfsburg
    FW Samir Fazli 22 April 1991 (age 21) 5 0 Heerenveen
    Please fix !

  23. 匿名6/16/2012

    Please jenkey in game menu is UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE unnamed with "Copa Santander Libertadores" how cani change this?

  24. このコメントは投稿者によって削除されました。

  25. great job!Please add Cyprus! thx!

  26. i have a problem

    1. The player is out of position,example maggio is on mid field, and he is a RMF but in your patch he is CB,or Bonucci he is back in left actually in left is only CB or LB but he is RB

    2. i play uefa euro 2012 but the number jersey is 0 for all the team

    3. i want to play euro but not use matrix stats and i uncheck,but when i play the overrall is matrix stats..

    for my problem cant run the launcher i have disable visual themes and Run as admin (no problem right?) btw can i play ML,BAL in euro2012.exe? or only for pes2012 normal patch / megaselector

    thx before :D

  27. pls help me how to play this game..........i done all the thing following the installation process..but i failed to run this game...pls anyone help me plsssssssss

  28. Realistic EURO adboard (center adboard is static, the rest is rotation) do not work.... only static for all adboars... how to fix it? Give me the solutions please....

    1. play in LEAGUE & CUP mode, you will see them.

  29. still do not work... I want to play it in exhibition....

  30. 匿名8/04/2013

    hey jenkey, can fix this link? i wanna playing euro with this patch. please fix it, the link was gone/ deleted... please fix it. thanks before

  31. 匿名8/04/2013

    if u are done fix it, u can send a notification to me via email : dikakencanaputera@yahoo.co.id. thanks... this patch is interisting, but the link was broke:(