[PES2012] PESVN PATCH 2012 AIO v4.63 (Released 07/14) + update 1

PESVN PATCH 2012 AIO v4.63 AIO (Released 07/14) + update 1
Information :
  •     All in one version : doesn't requires previous installation
  •     Including KONAMI DLC 4.0 & KONAMI Patch 1.06 (auto installation)
  •     Updated transfers until 2012/07/14
  •     Updated New kit 2012/2013 for over 60 teams.
  •     Real Name for all Players and Teams in PES.
  •     Graphic exchange : Better graphic
  •     Bonus: Gameplay Tool 6.4.6 by Jenkey.
  •     Bonus: Mega Selector tool 1.0.4
  •     Updated Real intro for Barclays Premier League, Bundesliga, Euro, Worldcup
  •     Updated New balls 2012/2013
  •     Updated Real Adboard for all stadiums
  •     Updated New Graphics.
  •     Updated New 81 HD Boots.
  •     Added New Graphics themes.    
  •     Added 44 balls pack.
  •     Added more than 2500 New Faces.
  •     Added correct Face for Coachs & Referees.
  •     Added 5 All-Stars Teams.
  •     Added more thans 2000 new players.   
  •     Added Full Kit for all Teams.
  •     Added Europa League mode instead Copa Libertadores 2011
  •     Added Copa Libertadores 2012 mode
  •     Add-on VLeague (Vietnamese League)
  •     2nd Divisions : Bundesliga & nPower Championship + Liga Adelante + Serie B.
  •     Added Full 32 teams Champion Leagues & 32 teams Europa Leagues
  •     Added new teams: U21 England & U21 Spain, Sao Paulo, Flamengo, LA Galaxy, New York Redbulls
Screenshot :

(2.08Gb - 5parts)
RAR password :  jenkey1002
  1. Part 01 : http://adf.ly/BZTn3
  2. Part 02 : http://adf.ly/BZTn6
  3. Part 03 : http://adf.ly/BZTn8
  4. Part 04 : http://adf.ly/BZTn9
  5. Part 05 : http://adf.ly/BZTnA
 Update 1 : (fixed some bugs, updated tranfers, added My Dinh stadium) 
High quality graphic
  1. High version (for good PC) : http://adf.ly/BZSNx
  2. Extreme version (for high-end PC) : http://adf.ly/BZSNy

Credits :

56 件のコメント:

  1. 匿名7/08/2012

    fantastic patches man but a few players come in bald can u make the cl and europa league teams for the 2012 2013 edition and when i use game tool run the gme freezez up any help/advice thankyou

  2. 匿名7/08/2012

    great, and thanks for the new patch.


    1) Update latest squads+transfers
    = Which Stand/Date? = 08.07.2012 ???

    2) New Leagues & Divisions = Bundesliga
    = you mean possible to play ML in Germany Bundesliga and select second Division 2.Bundesliga ???

    3) Maximum HD EXE File available ???

    i hope you give me some Informations, thank you !

  3. 匿名7/08/2012

    Jenkey this looks good but please update your EURO 2012 patch it would be so nice with the newest squads and transfers..

  4. 匿名7/08/2012

    hey jenkey please insert genko06 3d logos in mega tool selector

  5. 匿名7/09/2012

    hope title/logo bugs on uefa league/libertadores fix on this patch

    1. up up up up...
      i hope a lot of bug before this patch coming will be fix it.. please jenkey, make the best patch.. :* kekekekekek...

  6. this is an update is very good .........indeed heheheheh

  7. Meicceli7/12/2012

    Man am I anxious for this!

  8. 匿名7/14/2012

    first downloader...hihi

    can you give me max. HQ exe to play the game, jenkey, please ?

    Greetings, Hunny from Germany

    1. yes, sure. It will avaiable later.

  9. 匿名7/14/2012

    i think im second :P

    i love yaaaa [no homo] :D

  10. 匿名7/14/2012

    i sit here on my pc, here in germany we have 0.00 o´clock.

    i wait nervös for the next parts, of the patch. Come on...

    And, i am waiting , since many days, of your answer , for my questions, if you create German Bundesliga + 2.Bundesliga , to play realistic...

    And you do not have answer me, how can i get an hq exe, with MAX MAX MAX settings ? because i have bought a new super pc, and i want to play the best pes ever...

    Greetings, Hunny from Germany !!!

    1. sorry buddy, 2.Bundesliga is not included in this version coz many kits are lacking.

      You will have extreme graphic setting version as liking, I need just one day.

  11. 匿名7/14/2012

    pes edit patch are including 2.Bundesliga
    and by this patch 2.Bundesliga works great, also the kits !!!

    it is possible to use 2.bundesliga data from pes edit patch, and the rest from your patch ???

    i want to play pes with the best settings, that my pc can be work.
    and with your hq exe all works great.
    i think it would be interesting to see, can my pc works great with a more higher HQ exe.
    i want to test it.
    so please give me a hq exe and a more hq exe.
    then i can tell you which is better....
    Greetings, Tim (Nickname:Hunny) from Germany

  12. when Part 09 :Part 10 :Part 11 come ? i waiting for it my hero

  13. 匿名7/14/2012

    why is it not compatible with win 64 bit?

    1. it's compatiable.
      I'm using Windows 7 - 64bit.

  14. 匿名7/14/2012

    Heyy, d u prepare any stadium pack? Cuz mega stadium pack isn´t work with this patch:-). U r best

  15. 匿名7/14/2012

    Transfer is not official for PSG
    T.Silva and Z.Ibrahimovic

    1. It's my mistake. I read transfers news and thought it was officical.

  16. I can't extract it it says i have written wrong pasword!
    Jenkey can you help me?
    I write correct the password!

    1. password is jenkey1002
      make sure there's no any space.

  17. I installed everything step by step, but the game does not open.

    A warning appears, do not install kitserver.

  18. 匿名7/15/2012

    in uefa europa league image is CSL name english language.

  19. 匿名7/15/2012

    hey jenkey,

    here is "Hunny"

    Your friend from Germany.

    T.Silva is official transfered to PSG today !

    and what is with the release from the HQ Exe (high end PC)
    - please tell me.

    and other question,
    is the hq exe (good pc)
    or the hq exe(high end pc)
    compatible with other patches ??
    like pes edit patch ?
    because i need 2.bundesliga,

    Greetings from North Germany !

  20. 匿名7/15/2012

    Gameplay Tool not working !!!!!

    when i "attach" kitserver, then click "pes2012.exe" = works, game start !

    when i "attach" kitserver, then make settings in "gameplay config.exe", then click "pes2012.exe" = works, game start !

    when i "attach" kitserver, then make settings in "gameplay config.exe", then make settings in "mega selector.exe", then click "pes2012.exe" = works, game start !

    when i "attach" kitserver, then make settings in "gameplay config.exe", then make settings in "mega selector.exe", then click "gameplayrun.exe" = works, game start !

    when i "attach" kitserver, then make settings in "gameplay config.exe", then make settings in "mega selector.exe", then click in this program "play with gameplaytool = works, game start !


    -no pes2012.exe starts
    -no gameplayrun.exe starts
    -no play with gameplay in mega selector starts

    PLEASE HELP !!!!

    Greetings from Hunny !!

  21. 匿名7/15/2012


    i dont understand this.

    ingame i hear now the chants, ok.
    but the effect chants dont work, dont hear in game !
    and gameplay also not working in game.

    i have looked that i dont attach gameplay, so i start gameplayrun.exe, game starts, but no gameplay works and no effect sounds work.

    please help.


    and other Thing.

    so many transfers in "Bundesliga" not right !!
    please fix !

    wiese to hoffenheim
    petric to fulham
    jarolim not by Hamburg
    and so on.

    and in my test game i see,
    bargfrede(bremen) has a mistake face or head.
    ingame i see black sign when he is running over the field.

    Please fix German Bundesliga: Transfers and so...

    thanks !

    and please, i am waiting for the high pc hq.exe

  22. 匿名7/15/2012

    and europa league has screen from copa lip 2011.
    please fix !

  23. このコメントは投稿者によって削除されました。

    1. awe jenkey da pra joga Extreme version (for high-end PC) com uma placa de video 9800gtx 256bits e 512mb e 6 gb ram e um core 13 2100 3.10 ghZ sem da leg.awe o patch ta fera sempre arrebentando nos patch.que venha pes 2013.vc podia editar pro fifa tamben

  24. meu deu erro porque .....

  25. If any little update eg. new transfer, balls, face, hair please just make an update 1.1 or 1.2 as EURO DLC, don't make a new AIO. Wait curious extreme version and thank you so much..

  26. actualiza la liga de España!! el celta de vigo esta en primera.. fijate bien los ascendidos..

  27. 匿名7/15/2012

    your new extreme hq.exe not support kitserver12 or megaselector !!

    please fix !!!

    the game starts(pes2012.exe), but not compatible to manager.exe in kitserver12 and not compatible to megaseletor (in this programm .exe)

    please fix !!!

    Greetings, Hunny from Germany

  28. agree, the extreme version is not compatible with mega selector

  29. update league spanish!! celta de vigoo!!! :P

  30. part 06 not downloading. plz fix it.

  31. 匿名7/18/2012

    why i can't to extract the all file ?
    in part 2 say "wrong password"...
    what the meaning of that ?

    1. password is : "jenkey1002"
      (remember there's no any space)

    2. i have this problem too

  32. helo jenkey..can you reupload again the part 2 because the link have been broken..thanks

    1. link's working fine. Try to delete web browser cokie and download again.

  33. hi jenkey, i'm still waiting for your unofficial EURO2012 DLC Patch UPDATES... you said you'll update that patch after EURO ended..
    i think that patch is better than patch i ever played... (graphics,gameplay,etc is the best) :)
    hope you'll update for that patch... thanks for the amazing patch you've created... :)

  34. Jenkey, 1st of all, thanks for ur hard work.. it's a really great patch, but I do have one problem. I've downloaded High Quality Graphic Patch (Extreme Version), it does work but the executable file (pes2012.exe) is not compatible with your 'Mega Selector'. Please fix it.. Thanks in advance..

  35. 匿名7/20/2012

    when I want to play the Italian league with Juventus in the first game sends me to the previous phase of the champion why?

  36. 匿名7/21/2012

    What are the steps to download the PES game? Do I have to first download a PES demo and then the patch? Sorry, it is my first time downloading a patch.

  37. Hi Jenkey,

    I can extract the file although provide the pass word jenkey1002,can you look into this? Great Thanks,

  38. 匿名7/25/2012

    Great job Jenkey...you are the BEST... why Extreme HGraphic version when instal exe file is unsupported to your gameplay patch, kitserver and megaselector? when instal, in gameplay patch says that only support up to 1.03 patch, not 1.06 version...

  39. i made the transfer but i cant extract

  40. 返信
    1. 匿名8/02/2012

      will there be a update for german 2. bundesliga?

  41. How about chants megapack and when update 2 will release.I love Messi face & hair from PES 2013 DEMO unlock 50 Teams please add on the next update 2 thank you so much.

  42. please upload it in mediafire because i can't download it from these it says network error

  43. Bncrlas: please if anyone wants to me to upload the updated OF with all transfers of this PESVN patch, please send me an email to bencerlas93@hotmail.com. I update this patch every two days.

  44. Hola disculpa pero podrias subir los archivos de este post en otro server. Lo que pasa es que desde mi pais la velocidad es muy lenta descargar desde ese server. Solo descargo a 291 bites/sec.