Kitserver - hotfix

Kitserver 13 by Juce & Jenkey1002
  • Version
  • Available module : afs2fs, afsio, lodmixer, speeder, ballsrv, sides
  • Support  : PES2013 demo 1, fullversion 
Changelog :
  • All modules up-to-date : optimize code & process speed.
  • Ballserver now will allow to assign ball for all league & cup
  • Speeder was fixed
Download : http://fa10c3e9.linkbucks.com
Mirror :

7 件のコメント:

  1. E a DEMO 2, não tem nem ao menos um programa ? Nem que seja o unlock das configurações gerais e da retirada do blur ?

  2. manager.exe is not a valid win32 aplications, please make this version…!!!

  3. i attached and it runs perfectly, but, theres a mistake, when i play champions exhibition no matter wich of the balls i choose and in the preview looks good, in the game all of them are pes13 ball except Tango12 that is the only one you can actually play with. ps: when will the kserv module will be available?

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  5. Why cant we enforce low quality in kitserver 13 ? I can set it on medium and high but when i set it on low, then the game crashes. If you would find a solution to that, it would be much appreciated. Infact, the PES 2013 demo release of your patch could enforce the low quality but not this one.

    Grateful to all the work you have done to the PES community

    1. you should ask KONAMI, kitserver is not related to that bug

      everything work fine, even lodmixer & enforce picture quality.