PES Video Converter v1.30 (09/20)

PES Video Converter v1.30 (09/20)
Features : 
  • Convert video to sfd (PES Video format)
  • Convert video, audio to adx, aix
  • Convert sfd to mpeg
  • Supported 14 popular video & audio formats
  • Supported video with alpha layer
Changelog v1.30 :
  • Improve audio & video quality
  • Fix minor bug

Preview :

How to use :
  • Drag & drop videos which want to convert
  • Press "Start convert" & wait until finish

Tips & tutorial

1) How to change output Video's Quality :
  • Increase "Video Bitrate" (default is 1150kbit/s) can bring more quality for converted video
Credits : 
  • Thanks to youniss & sening
  • Darkfalz for  SFA converter sourcecode
  • Zlac for transparent video tutorial
  • Panos for video sample

16 件のコメント:

  1. kitserver for pes 2013 not demo the full one plzz it's needed so badly to run pes on intel HD graphics :'(

  2. GreekPesPlayer9/20/2012

    Does this works on PES 2013 Full Version?
    Please answer me!

  3. Thanks! I hate the intro and i love the intro from the Youtube videos. Much Better!

  4. Please Jenkey upgrade the video to 1440x900, without that we can´t make videos with high quality!
    Make sure what quality the video intro have and make them good as the original.

    1. no, it's impossible at this moment. sfd codec has limit

  5. 匿名9/21/2012

    Well I'm new at this so tell me please when I convert a video where should I put it in?

  6. where do you put the new video?

  7. Please help, how to fix:


    Buffer overflow ...
    Cannot convert: bla bla bla
    Please decrease bitrate or select smaller video

    My settings:
    Video Bitrate: 1150k
    Video Size: 1280 x 720

  8. how do i change the song? I just want to change the list of songs, after convert to adx file, where should I input audio files that have been converted earlier.

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  10. link working friends

  11. When I convert a song, this doesn't create a file.