Gameplay tool 2013 version 3.20 (02/14)

Changelog : 
  • Fixed : stadiumserver's homeground funtion doesn't work correctly in some patches.
  • Update : 
    • gameplay plugin (correct value for ball sprint), chantserver has better chant's routine.
    • stadiumserver supports flipped crowd (GDB sample)
    • Increased weather texture & global texture file up to 10
  • Added : referee slider allow to modify referee level (foul, yellow card, red card ...)  (thanks to cabry)
Online manual & installation guide : 

Download : http://19ae8ccd.linkbucks.com
Mirror : http://adf.ly/J39z2

GDB Stadium sample (new) : http://www58.zippyshare.com/v/16581163/file.html

Addon Scoreboard + Banner pack :  http://adf.ly/IpBUo

Addon Stadium GDB-Mini Pack for Stadium server 

Stadium list :
  • Emirates
  • Stamford Bridge
  • White Hart Lane
  • Anfield
  • Geoffroy Guichard
  • Amsterdam Arena
  • Bombonera
  • Craven Cottage
  • Mario Kempes 
Credit : 
  • odil24
  • ema1993
  • Gokan
  • cui_ruby
Download : (3 parts - 518Mb)
Recommended : 
  • Adboard sever works also with addition stadium : GDB stadium uses ID from 1000~
  • You can change seat color by edit "setting.txt" in each GDB stadium's folder (use BGRA format).
  • For flipped crowds : edit setting.txt in stadium GDB folder

    [stadium setting]
    seat.color = A00F14FF
    flipped.crowd = 0
    and change flipped.crowd = 1
  • Remember enable "stadium switcher" for using stadium from GDB 

58 件のコメント:

  1. What are you doing my friend thank you for all

  2. 匿名2/13/2013

    Hi Jenkey,

    i am from Germany, sorry for my bad English.

    i want to use more real Stadiums in the pes2013 game.

    so, i have on my pc many other Stadiums
    (in past, this Stadiums replaced Stadiums, that are in the game)

    Here my Stadiums:

    1.) "Signal Iduna Park" (Borussia Dortmund)

    2.) "Imtech_Arena" (Hamburger SV)
    Replaces Estadio Palenque

    3.) "Weserstadion" (Werder Bremen)
    Replaces KONAMI

    4.) "Mercedes-Benz-Arena" (VFB Stuttgart)
    Replaces Estadio De Escorpiao

    5.) "AWD Arena" (Hannover 96)
    Replaces Jose Alvalade

    6.)"Borussia_Park" (Borussia Mönchengladbach)
    Replaces Estadio da Luz

    7.) "Commerzbank-Arena" (Eintracht Frankfurt)
    Replaces Saitama Stadium

    8.) "Olympiastadion" (Hertha BSC Berlin) Replaces Mohamed Lewis Stadium

    9.) "Millerntor-Stadion" (FC St.Pauli)
    Replaces Stadio Orione

    10.) "Þükrü Saraçoðlu Stadium" (Fenerbahce Istanbul)
    Replaces Estadio Espanyol

    11.) "Veltins-Arena" (Schalke 04)
    Replaces Stadio Orione

    but, i do not want to replace Stadiums.

    i want to give more Stadiums in pes2013.

    so, this Tools "Stadiumserver" are perfect for this.

    but i do not understand this.
    can you help us?

    or, can you give us a "Stadiums-Pack",

    so that we download this,
    and put this in "Stadiums" Folder in the new Gameplay tool Folder
    (in GDB/Stadiums)
    And myself Change then the map.txt,
    and write the new Stadiums in there.

    Please help me/us.


    1. you should ask stadium maker who made them.

    2. i can help you to convert to GDB format.... but please upload for me yours Olympiastadion" (Hertha BSC Berlin) Replaces Mohamed Lewis Stadium.... i want to make Olympiastadion for final UCL 2014-201.... thanks.. this is my facebook https://www.facebook.com/Addy.Diqthy.ThuinkzThuinkz?ref=tn_tnmn

  3. 匿名2/13/2013


    Please tell us, what is with "Effect" Folder.
    Are you planing to include this?
    Because that was perfect in last Year.

  4. 匿名2/13/2013

    won't you fix "Free Sides Selection"?
    it doesn't work since PES was updated to 1.03.

    1. it's working fine.
      make sure you add sides.dll in kitserver config.txt

      dll = libpng15
      dll = zlib1
      dll = afsio
      dll = ballserv
      dll = pesJP
      dll = fserv
      dll = kserv
      dll = afs2fs
      dll = lodmixer
      dll = speeder
      dll = sides

  5. Jenkey Gameplay Tool 3.20 today be?

  6. hi jenkey
    stadium server dont work correctly for me
    because all stadium that I add to tool have one style turf! and Does not change turfs when I do change stadium!
    plaese fix turf for next game play jenkey :(

    1. no, it's not the bug. read "recommended" here :
      it was written clearly.

    2. thank you very much jenkey.it's working fine!
      but what about chants?chantserver dont work?yes?

  7. 1.jenkey where is relased date for pesjp??
    2.Do you can make UEFA Europa League for pes 2013 as it adds League so make Europa League tell me please and answer the questions..
    sorry for my bad english

  8. please jenkey fix goalkeepers!

  9. para cuando sale el parche por fa dinos

  10. en PESEDIT no funcionan los estadios ni los banners???? por que

  11. Please homeground stadiums that work properly with the stadium switcher at random, sorry for my English

  12. Hey Jenkey. I have question.
    In my pes2013 adboard doesn't works correctly.
    Any parts (ex banner stadium )all works well.
    Could you tell how can I see your awesome adboard. :)

    1. Ps. Im installed PESEDIT 3.0.

  13. quando sai seu patch jenkey1002 ????

  14. homeground don't work :(

  15. jenkey chantserv not work at master league

    1. このコメントは投稿者によって削除されました。

    2. edit: at home ground stadion no sound

    3. yes..at home ground no sound of chant

  16. 匿名2/14/2013

    All works ok now! stadium server ok, adboarserver very good too, but adboards to camp nou are the originals, not the adboards of the GDB gameplaytool! In the others gameplay works and these are the same adboards for this. Anymore with same problem?

  17. Hi Jenkey I have a problem with the gameplay, the problem is not attached to pes2013.exe not find the solution, if you can help me thanks

    1. make sure your pes2013.exe is not in Read-Only mode.

  18. 匿名2/14/2013

    everything is work good actually..
    but I found problem with enirates turf..if the time is night,emirates use barcelona turf..if day the turf is fine..
    I've read and done the recommendation before (delete some files in dt07)..
    how can I fix it?

    sorry for my bad english

    1. you can find other turf on other, download & put it to GDB folder "Gameplay tool\GDB\Stadiums\Emirates\night-fine\", replace existed turf.bin.

  19. Gameplay tool delectable each adboards C1 errors into the Libertadores forward Jenkey soon fix errors

  20. adboard Libertadores --->Champion League, fix it,pls.

    1. adboardserver is working well. You should check your patch which you're using or just ask patch maker who made it.

  21. Jenkey fans are silent in the master league in general are dead in what is the problem

  22. A Jenkey hầu như ai cũng bị lỗi phần adboard a có thể chỉ em cách nào hủy phần adboard trong gameplay tool đc không

    1. Cái này thì vào phần gdb xóa folder adboard đi
      hình như adboard ai cx bị lỗi
      cái kit của em nó còn bị xòe như váy ấy

  23. Man, you're great! Many thanks from Brazil!

  24. Jenkey,Whether and it is worth waiting for release league server and league selection?

  25. 匿名2/15/2013

    can you make more stadium pack? i've got bpl stadium pack, but idk how to make it work for this tool..or maybe just make a tutorial, so i can do it my self.

  26. jenkey adboard dont work for stamford bridge how to make for work??

  27. 匿名2/15/2013

    Jenkey my strange problem is that some adboards before works for me, now dont work, I dont understand why. I tried again backups of others versions your tool that worked fine with all adboards, but the game now loads the original's always. A lot of adboards of the adboardserver works fine, but in few stadiums I have this problem. I haven't touched anything of the game, the adboards are the same as before working. You have an idea of something I can do? Help me please

  28. Jenkey, still have problems with the stadiums with 10 textures, principally the stadiums that substitute the Konami stadium, always the roof appears in black

  29. Jenkey my problem is that when I choose exhibition mode the stamford bridge, entered the game and I get is the Emirates stadium, I choose to put the stadium, which would be the solution?

    Sorry my bad english

  30. 匿名2/15/2013

    Everything works for me except the addboards, they never did. Does anyone know what can possibly be the reason?


  31. 匿名2/15/2013

    can I add any stadium to gameplay tul//gdb/stadium?

  32. Referee settings, this is one of the most important extras for me (long ago I was waiting for someone to do this). Great work Jenkey, without your tools PES remains very unfinished.
    There are more things to repair that quite irritating, such as:
    Sometimes the game (AI maybe) you "cripples" players even have a red arrow they move as if have a tethered cannon balls of your feet.
    Or how quickly can thy return goal from the center after I scored. Already in the first attack from the center, if you reach close to the opposing gate and shooting 99% this will be the goal.
    Or conditioning of the players in the competition, there unlike the exhibition too often most of the players are in a bad condition.
    Btw,what happened with the creation of the League Mode, maybe you jenkey, again you can fix stupidity of Konami and will return it.
    Once again, congratulations to the unique work that you do!!!

    I apologize for my English.

  33. 匿名2/15/2013

    i delete unnamed_54.bin & unnamed_3338.bin in kitserver's "img\dt07.img" or use the original PES2013
    but the Old Trafford's banners can't work.
    I apologize for my English.

    THANKS Jenkey

  34. Excelente Work Jenkey, but here is my consideration and problem:

    The Stadiums add and assignation for teams in LM and BAL mode are work fine, but, the chants dont work in the stadiums assignated to teams with "HOUMEGROUND", the chants works with problems only en friendly match.

    Other aspect, the banners, works fine eith the teams with customize banners, but the teams with out banners, have a terrible look with the default banners, like banner does in paintbrush, jejejejej, i wait for your response if i try to do something wrong, or this try about error waiting for fix

    Sorry for my english, and luck my friend!

  35. 匿名2/16/2013

    chant is not working with homeground stadium, please fix it..

  36. Jenkey ơi
    em dùng tool của bác với pesedit thì phát hiện một số lỗi như sau
    Adboard c1 bị lộn sang adboard của copa liberatores
    quần của cầu thủ nó bị tõe ra như váy(xin lỗi bác vì em không thể post ảnh ở đây hay cái bộ uni của em không chuẩn)
    Xin lổi vì spam blog của bác
    Cảm ơn bác rất nhiều

    1. Một điều nữa, khi nào bác quay lại pesvn vì mọi người ở forum đang rất mong chờ bác

  37. Jenkey Chants doesn't work for stadium assignation and always the name of the stadium is the same "campo de vallecas", check this bugs please. Also some stadiums with 10 texture files have problems like some parts look in black, like the roofs

  38. The problem with the atmosphere at the stadium in ML, the atmosphere, as in training

  39. 匿名2/17/2013

    Jenkey, this patch works with Pesedit?

  40. Jenkey I usa the BGR for the seat.color but I have 6 digits and not 8 like your example

  41. hello friend!
    I greet from Colombia
    I admire what you do!
    Well what I wanted to say is that if you can reupload the link of the stadium sample GDB server or tell me how to put in to get me out MAP.TXT stadiums
    Thank you!

  42. 匿名2/17/2013

    Jenkey how to create stadium?