Gameplay tool 2013 version 3.21 (02/20)

Changelog : 
  • Fixed : no crowd sound when play in FL mode.
  • Update for stadiumserver : 
    • Supports custom shader (GDB sample)
    • Increased weather texture & global texture file up to 10 (fixed minor bug)
    • Allow to use adboard.png when put it to stadium's GDB folder
    • Fixed bug for seat color sometime does not work correctly.
Online manual & installation guide : 

Download : http://07f8c332.linkbucks.com
Mirror : http://adf.ly/JQYZa

GDB Stadium sample (new) : http://www47.zippyshare.com/v/70350455/file.html

Addon Scoreboard + Banner pack :  http://adf.ly/IpBUo

Addon Stadium GDB-Mini Pack for Stadium server 

Stadium list :
  • Emirates
  • Stamford Bridge
  • White Hart Lane
  • Anfield
  • Geoffroy Guichard
  • Amsterdam Arena
  • Bombonera
  • Craven Cottage
  • Mario Kempes 
Credit : 
  • odil24
  • ema1993
  • Gokan
  • cui_ruby
Download : (3 parts - 518Mb)
Recommended : 
  • Adboard sever works also with addition stadium : GDB stadium uses ID from 1000~
  • You can change seat color by edit "setting.txt" in each GDB stadium's folder (use BGRA format).
  • For flipped crowds : edit setting.txt in stadium GDB folder

    [stadium setting]
    seat.color = A00F14FF
    flipped.crowd = 0
    shader.day.fine = 167
    shader.day.rain = 168
    shader.afternoon.fine = 171
    shader.afternoon.rain = 168
    shader.night.fine = 169
    shader.night.rain = 170
    and change flipped.crowd = 1
  • Remember enable "stadium switcher" for using stadium from GDB 

31 件のコメント:

  1. jenkey how to put adboard for stamford bridge in gameplay tool????

  2. jenkey on the gameplay tool what is annimation speed and Al level /Enforce Al Balance COM/HUMAN tell me for these are???

  3. what the function of shader number?
    and where can I find that numbers?

  4. 匿名2/20/2013

    Jenky, what you think about SHORTs graphic problem ??? Another guy was post for the same bug a few days ago ????
    GIve some decisoin please... The bug shows the shorts of players like skirt.. FUCK :(

    1. DONT TOUCH "gameplay advanced setting" !!!!
      It would be fine. I said many time, if you cannot accept randomly bug, just don't change anything in advanced setting, it's for advanced user ONLY.

  5. 匿名2/20/2013

    OOh man, i used my setings in advanced every time , and i did it on same way... Until now this isnt happen... Its strat to show from 3.2.0 game play ... Before was OK ...

  6. 匿名2/20/2013

    Fickin "YEA", you right... :) Its from advanced setigs in LOD tab, but why this is happen , can you explain little bit... couse i want to use this sets... and will tried diferent variants of course... some change with the version exacttly, but give some tips for best numbers in scales...

  7. 匿名2/20/2013

    I found it - its from "gravity" set - if is diferent from 100 will be bug . :) If you want - fix it - because its more realism when the gravity is 110... ;) peace...

    1. no, that's not the bug. It will certainly be like that if you change gravity.

  8. dear jenkey.I want to be create hd logos for your patch.If you want,please send a e-mail to me

  9. 匿名2/20/2013

    what is conection between "gravity" and the SHORTS of the players ???? I think gravity is element of ball moves....

  10. how to change the color of champions league ball to default

  11. 匿名2/21/2013

    Good job. Jenkey, how can i put another stadiums in GDB folder whith the same structure that we find in your patch: day-fine, day-rain... I download the stadium of Borussia Dortmund but don´t have the same folders and names. How to fix? Thanks.

  12. JENKEY why the file "unnamed_54" doesn't work with this Gameplay Tool?

  13. 匿名2/21/2013

    if I add adboard to stadium in GDB stadium..example : emirates..folder name in adboard folder is 1000..in general match the adboard is OK..
    but if play in UCL in same stadium the adboard not use UCL adboard n still use adboard ID of the stadium..
    how can I fix it jenkey?

  14. Banners dont work heeelp!!!

    1. You need to remove unnamed_3338.bin in dt07.img

    2. 匿名2/28/2013

      hi jenkey, i downloaded the Addon Scoreboard + Banner pack but it not work the banners, I already dont have these file unnamed_3338.bin, i use pesedit 3.0, i have installed you gameplay tool 3.21, also i have GDB folder with folder banners , chants and adboards works correctly but banners nop, please jenkey help me i dont know what to do

  15. 匿名2/22/2013

    im still having this weird stuttering with the chant, idk why..
    currently im using PESedit 3.0 and mega chant pack, please fix it.

    1. I haven't got that bug ever.

  16. My goalnet is black and the adboard is working not properly
    Plz help jenkey...

    1. You have remove unnamed_54.bin in dt07.img

  17. Jenkey, why home ground don't work in Exhibition match?

    1. how can it work ? because that's Exhibition match.

  18. jenkey, thanks for the great tool
    but can you add the adboard for each stadium?

  19. Can u make it clear how can i add the stadium ?

  20. anh ơi anh làm scoreboard server để nó làm được mấy cái hiệu ứng hiện bảng tỉ số trong GDB ấy. với lại làm kitserv nó nhận nhiều kit chứ không chỉ có mỗi 2 cái home và away ấy anh. mong nhận phản hồi sớm!

  21. can you please explain how can i set song for goal , missgoal , foul , wins?

  22. このコメントは投稿者によって削除されました。

  23. jenkey, the cinematic entrance chamber, can be modified to give more aesthetic created as the stadiums at Anfield, sorry for my English

  24. Hello Master,

    Can you add a call name server gameplay tools in the next version?
    I really need to add a call name for additional players.