PESJP Patch 2013 Steam Fix

Steam fix is for PES2013 Steam Version only. It'll help PESJP Patch 2013 & kitserver compatible with your PES2013 steam.

Download stream fix :

Important - How to install & config :
- You must install PESJP Patch correctly to your steam's game folder
Example :
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\
- Install steam fix after install PESJP Patch.
- After finish your installation, go to folder "...\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\PESJP 2013\"
- Edit "steam.ini" with notepad or any text editor
code = 1111-1111-1111-1111-1111
version = 1.03.0000
Enter your game serial number to "code = ......"

- Save it , and play game via PESJP Launcher.

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  1. Jenkey, Plz can you make it possible to play exhibition matches in UEFA Euro mode ?

  2. jenkey não entendi como usar esse fix vapor 2013.
    pode dar uma melhor explicação! valeu !!!!!!!!

    1. Cara , nao adianta fazer perguntas em portugues !

      Usa o ingles para fazer perguntas ao Jenkey !

  3. anh Jenkey cho em hỏi tí tẹo dc ko?? PES2013 Steam Version là phiên bản như thế nào ???

  4. jenkey, why i can't play pes13 via pesjp?
    while i've installed pesjp. answear pliz..

  5. 匿名4/08/2013

    great !!

  6. 匿名4/08/2013

    Go folder PESJP 2013 = edit ( stream )
    put a serial in and save.
    and play.

  7. 匿名4/08/2013

    great (Jenkey) patch
    keep this way
    Amazing Pes 2014 is coming.
    big hug.

  8. when installing fix it replaces the original steam steam exe not working and why?

  9. AI Jenkey ótimo trabalho...mas me fala como posso jogar amistoso com meu time da master pois o jogo fecha quando escolho os times da master da uma força ai amigo......Deus te abençoe.....

  10. 匿名4/13/2013

    このpatch を入れたら, game が出来なくなりました!!なぜですか?

  11. Can someone help me real quick, I have followed the instructions carefully and whenever I launch the game from the PESJP Patch launcher, I get this error: "the procedure entry point GetBinFileName could not be located in the dynamic link library afs2fs.dll." After I click "OK", the game launches and I see the patch intro screen, but the kits are missing and there is no logo for npower championship league. Please help and thanks in advance.

  12. Is this compatible with version 3.35 of gameplay tool?

  13. How to transfer all star team player each other..I hv used so many tools..bt cant find the all star team names from all edit.bin and dto4.img file..Pls reply...?