Fifa13 File Loader full

This tool will help modding easier and faster without modifing system file or any regenerate tool. It similar to PES series's Kitserver if you ever used.

Download : Version full
Mirror : http://adf.ly/UWxfK

Supports :  
  • All FIFA's file format
  • Works with compressed & uncompressed data.

How to use : (please take a look inside "Docs" folder included)
  • Extract 2 files : "dsound.dll" & "Fifa13mod.ini" to "...\FIFA 13\Game\"
  • Create new folder "Fifa13mod"
  • Put your mod files in there.
  • Mod folder's name can be changed with edit file "Fifa13mod.ini"
  • Play game.

Example file (extract to "Fifa13mod") : http://www63.zippyshare.com/v/40346354/file.html

This's beta version. It's working fine on my PC but I cant guarantee for other environments.
Have a happy modding.

6 件のコメント:

  1. where is PESJP Patch 2013 Version 4.00 AIO ?

    1. i just ask him question !
      and why do you answer instead of him ?

    2. 匿名8/25/2013

      Jenkey has written that the project about patch v4.0 is stopped because there are problems with konami and police..... And he has erased the post with the info about the v4.0....

      It's a giant deception... :(

      At least, he could notice it many time ago.... Because there are many people who didn't custom and actualize the patch, waiting the new update...

  2. Hi,Jenkey.Is it means you say goodbye to PES? Or will you back in PES2014?

  3. at last, jenkey is back...
    we need a new gameplaytool to play pes 2013 v1.04..
    please jenkey, can you make it..??

  4. 匿名8/25/2013

    Jenkey you could make a gameplay tool compatible with patch PES2013 1:04 and come up with ways to pick the balls and the third even as more full 3:35 Gameplay tool that works in Pes clean and putros patches would be nice please and thank you for their attention.