Fifa File Explorer 2014 v1.0.3.0 full

Changelog & new features :
  • Allow to open EASF encrypted data
  • Convert between RX3 Fifa13 <-> RX3L Fifa14 
  • Added option : auto decompress when export
  • Search function now works properly
  • Fixed some minor bugs
Snapshots :

Features :
  • Support FIFA14's file format
  • Support drag & drop
  • Support : .big, .rx3, .dds, .bh, .rx3 ...
  • Import, export with 10 popular picture format : png, bmp, tif, tga, dds ...
  • Import, export file
  • Hex editor
  • BH editor
  • Text editor
  • Image resize, convert
Download : 
Any suggestions are welcome.

11 件のコメント:

  1. jenkey when will you release kitserver for pes 14?

  2. He already did -_-

  3. 匿名9/21/2013

    Hi jenkey
    look at Datax.big
    there are some ini that is using new compress format "EASF"
    not same as chunkzip or zlib
    Please try to decompress it Thanks

  4. 匿名9/24/2013

    The EASF format still not decompressable
    Please work hard on it Thanks

  5. Hello Jenkey!
    The apply button doesn't work when importing new kits. Could you please fix that?

  6. Hello my friend!

    Your work is awesome!!!
    Since your PES File explorer works also with Xbox360 files I'm asking you if ypur FIFA File Explorer also can open the BIG files from xbox360. Is it so? Because I want to customize the commentary and of course I prefer to do so on Fifa 14 if possible. I also tried to load the Audio BIG but it doesnt show up any playable Audio files :-/ Any idea?

    Many many thx from germany!

    Greetings Flaschenfloh

  7. jenkey for me converting from .rx3(fifa 13 format) to fifa 14 format doesnt work especially for turfs it makes all my turfs black any ideas

  8. Mình dùng “FIFA File Explorer 2014 v1.0.3.0 Jenkey1002” để xuất file audio ra. Mình làm như hình. Lúc xuất ra được tập tin đuôi sfa nhưng dung lượng chỉ 0 bytes.


  9. Thanks for giving me information about my problem. I was searching the NET and here I found. Also if you want more work just click
    access Abmp3 in UK

  10. Any tutorials mate? I want to edit rx3 boots

  11. hey dude, I cant open any file. Im using windows 10. I have downloaded ur last version. Please help...