PES File Explorer 2014 - Beta version

Features :
  • Supports PES2014 format : cpk, usm, acb, awb, dds, str, png, json, bin
  • Zlib & unzlib
  • Works with both PC & Console files
  • Supports PES6 - PES2013 format : .bin, .img
  • Import, export image
  • Convert, resize image
  • Str editor, import, export to ini
  • Export audio hca from acb format
  • Export video from usm format
  • CPK explorer, import, export file
Download : Beta version
Changelog : 
  • Update : support cpk, usm, acb, awb
  • Added : CPK export, import file
  • Added : ACB export to HCA
  • Added : USM export to m1v
Changelog :
  • Fix minor bugs
  • Update search function for CPK format
  • Added option for export all file to folder
This's beta version, some features still are being developed.

9 件のコメント:

  1. alberto9/03/2013

    Jenkey you are the king !
    now Konami should cry

  2. pes 2014 demo pc waiting..... esperando

  3. hi jenkey
    can you convert ps3 demo to pc?everbody waiting you.is that possible or not?You tell me that at least.thank you.

    1. that's simple impossible.

  4. jenkey no entiendo para que subes tantas cosas de fifa y de ps3 si las personas q ue aqui descargan es mas que todo de pc y fans de pes estas fuera de foco jenkey hace 5 meses vuelve a la tierra

    1. como si le pagaras por editar PES, dejalo ser

  5. porque la unica demo de pes 2014 es de ps3....... cuando este la de pc mirara la de pc

  6. can you release the decode version not matter the encodeing version now
    i want to start work for commentary tools :D also if you can release a command line converter tool for .hca that would be great

  7. Jenkey.Im getting something that is going to of great interst to you.Please write me on evo web a pm with email or some way to contact you.This file/s are for your eyes only