Fifa14 File Loader Full

This tool will help modding easier and faster without modifing system file or any regenerate tool. It similar to PES series's Kitserver and PES File Loader

Download :
Version Full - Stable (please redownload, sorry for inconvenience)

Supports :  
  • Compatible with FIFA14 demo & full version
  • All FIFA's file format
  • Works with compressed & uncompressed data.
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Improve compatibility
  • Now it supports ENBseries, FXAA or any proxy hook dll.
Screenshot :  (modified EA's logo )

How to use png logo with file loader :
  • Rename png file to the same with .dds (example l241.png - l241.dds)
  • Put to the same folder with dds file, if png file existed, the tool will load it instead dds file
How to use : (please take a look inside "Docs" folder included)
  • Extract 2 files : "dsound.dll" & "Fifa14mod.ini" to "...\FIFA 14\Game\"
  • Create new folder "Fifa14mod"
  • Put your mod files in there.
  • Mod folder's name can be changed with edit file "Fifa14mod.ini"
  • Play game.

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  1. Jenkey can you teach me how to be a amazing programmer like you?

    And do you think algorithm are important?

  2. you will do the patch for pes 2014??

  3. fifa original sirve????????????????


  5. fifa 14 ver 1.2.00 crashed
    os: win 8 64

  6. Jenkey you are very clever makes crack ai fifa for staff I point your site to many people who want to download it and these programs that you do.

  7. Jenkey
    please please please fix PES 2014Japanese Commentary please :(

  8. Jenkey, please crack FIFA 14, what I am going to say is from a real pes fan, so this is gonna hurt, but it's time to change to FIFA, in the worst case, neither. But this PES was maybe the one most expectative I had, and the worst I've played, with your tool this improves a little but is no case, no rain, no faces, no stadiums, no uniforms (only possible with pes edit). Please do us the biggest favor of the year and CRACK FIFA 14, maybe someday KONAMI would realize what they have done this year :(

    1. no, I cant. I dont know how to crack software.

    2. you are cracked fifa 14 demo and make no origini exe ;)

    3. if you dont know crack software what is this http://s1136.photobucket.com/user/jenkey1002/media/444_zpsf043e75f.png.html?sort=3&o=1
      on your profile ;)

  9. pes 2014 f1 expensive and brand new and of course going out Some defects were the 1st versions of fifa oriveis many years they come comsertando Some DLCs Neck with 700 faces two more stages and some improvements already gets a little better the time was a problem to the rain I explored the game saw more rain textures do well have to do bear grass wet uniform twisted with rain cover etcs

  10. Good Work mate ;) , if you have time can you take a look here
    [Decode New PES sound configuration files]

  11. thanx, Jenkey.
    i have a question. i heard 'dlc' forlder doesn't work when it's in 'Fifa14mod' folder.
    he said it only works in 'FIFA 14\Game' forlder. is it true?

  12. jenkey can you add a pitch loader.dll just like in the demo fileloader why my pitch is black look at this forum am also having same issue http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3551066 am having issues in full fifa 14