Fifa14 File Loader Full

This tool will help modding easier and faster without modifing system file or any regenerate tool. It similar to PES series's Kitserver and PES File Loader

Download :
Version Full
Supports :  
  • Compatible with FIFA14 demo & full version
  • All FIFA's file format
  • Works with compressed & uncompressed data.
    • Improve performance, loading file is much faster more smoothness
    • Support audio & video file
      Screenshot :  (modified EA's logo )

      How to use png logo with file loader :
      • Rename png file to the same with .dds (example l241.png - l241.dds)
      • Put to the same folder with dds file, if png file existed, the tool will load it instead dds file
      How to use : (please take a look inside "Docs" folder included)
      • Extract 2 files : "dsound.dll" & "Fifa14mod.ini" to "...\FIFA 14\Game\"
      • Create new folder "Fifa14mod"
      • Put your mod files in there.
      • Mod folder's name can be changed with edit file "Fifa14mod.ini"
      • Play game.

      9 件のコメント:

      1. amazing thnx but can you create be log files as in PES thnx

      2. Maestro, is it impossible to add improved like in pes fileloader?

      3. Hi jenkey Adam Releases PES 2014 Demo, LOL is the same.

      4. pls make file loader combatible with 3dm-crack found here http://dl.3dmgame.com/201311/39808.html

      5. does this version support FIFA 14 exe 1.4 version?

      6. can someone make tutorial how to install kit to file loader... step by step, i just download kit and dont know where to put in fileloader