PES2014 Face XML de-encoder

The tool for decode & encode data in face'xml file
How can you find that xml :
  • Open img32.cpk
  • Find face.xml in
  • "pes14_win_dat\common\character0\model\character\face\real\#player ID#\face.xml"
How to decode :
  • Run "face xml decoder.exe"
  • Select xml
  • Save decoded data as file
  • You can modify it with any hex editor tool
How to encode :
  • Run "face xml decoder.exe"
  • Select xml
  • Select modified decoded data
  • Save it, put that file to correct folder in Fileloader and see ingame
Example :

Download : http://adf.ly/X6BPT

3 件のコメント:

  1. Jenkey i want to ask
    1.This is as GDB/faces?
    2.Please make OF Editor for PES 2014

  2. what is this tool jenkey? i cant know
    face edtor?please Explain about it