PES2014 File Loader full (fixed)

Change log version :
  • Fixed game speed slider issue
  • Fixed GK kit bugs
  • Update faceloader supports custom skin texture (please read "Docs\faceloader.html" for more info)
  • Added option skin.color for faceloader : allow to assign player's skin color
  • Update kitloader supports addition league
  • Added ball speed slider in gameplay plugin
  • Adjusted scale of slider value
  • Fixed bugs for some plugins
  • Available plugin : 
    • KitLoader.dll : Manage kits with GDB system, supports PNG kit
    • FaceLoader.dll : Assign face & hair for player, manage with GDB system, support custom skin texture
    • Lodmixer.dll : Misc visual tweaks, change screen resolution, enforce picture quality...
    • SongLoader.dll : Allow to add & playback hca file ingame
    • VideoLoader.dll : Addition feature for fileloader can load video file (.usm)
    • Gameplay.dll : Included many options & slider allow to adjust gameplay's values with opinion
    • Speeder.dll : Increase or decrease gameplay speed, improve performance, fix some system's bugs
Included some samples in "FileLoader\GDB\face\"  please delete before using
Download full : (fixed)
Credit : hany3, Hawke

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  1. Khi bo thi` may' da~ nhan card roi` co`n khi ca`i ban na`y ko co' vay anh JEN?

  2. Work PerFectly Thank You Master, Jenkey <3 <3 <3

  3. Jenkey, i have a sugestion, add, in the program, like in KitServer in pes 2013, a "Attach/Detach" button, because is dificult eliminate/move the folder, when i don´t wanna use it.

    Like ever, excellent Work, Master!

    1. copy pes2014.exe to => pes2014-no patch.exe
      and use it when you dont want to use patch. It's very easy.

    2. OK, thanks!...its only a sugestion!

    3. Attach method requires updating the tool for every version. But with new method in fileloader you dont need it. It's complely plug & play.

  4. It doesnt show arsenal first kit, aston villa first kit and keeper kit, manchester city keeper kit. I have done all correct about the map and all the stuff and im sure because the rest of the EPL kits are fine including arsenal 2nd kit etc... -goog job Jenkey

    1. please upload "KitLoader.log" & "UniColor.log" in Fileloader

    2. Ok i found the files that you ask me, but how to upload them (sorry im begginer here)

    3. I updated, please re-download

    4. Still the same, i redownloaded FileLoader but arsenal first kit doesnt show, aston villa first and keeper kits same problem too, ...and manchester city keeper kits. If anyone has the same problem (or not) please tell me, i m sure that i have done all correct about the FileLoader install and GDB map etc...

    5. [ Fileloader] PES2014 file loader start log.
      [ Fileloader] Module version :
      [ Fileloader] Current dir : C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\
      [ Fileloader] Config ini : C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\pes2014.ini
      [ Fileloader] Load plugin [0] Lodmixer.dll = 68ab0000
      [ Fileloader] Load plugin [1] Speeder.dll = 67c20000
      [ Fileloader] Load plugin [2] KitLoader.dll = 60ad0000
      [ Fileloader] Load plugin [3] Controller.dll = 66fc0000
      [ Fileloader] Load plugin [4] Faceloader.dll = 60150000
      [ Fileloader] Load plugin [5] VideoLoader.dll = 67c70000
      [ Fileloader] Load plugin [6] Gameplay.dll = 60110000
      [ Lodmixer] Init.
      [ Lodmixer] Module version :
      [ Lodmixer] screen_width : 1920
      [ Lodmixer] screen_heigh : 1080
      [ Lodmixer] wide_screen : 1
      [ Lodmixer] picture_quality : 2
      [ Lodmixer] speaker type : 2
      [ Speeder] Init.
      [ Speeder] Module version :
      [ Kitloader] Init.
      [ Kitloader] Module version :
      [ Effect] Init.
      [ Controller] Init.
      [ Controller] Module version :
      [ Controller] Controller 1 connected.
      [ Controller] Vibrate length = 300(milliseconds)
      [ Controller] Ball hit bar, post vibration enable
      [ Controller] Foul vibration enable
      [ Controller] Kickoff vibration enable
      [ Controller] Shoot vibration enable
      [ Faceloader] Init.
      [ Faceloader] Module version :
      [ Bodysetting] Init.
      [ Bodysetting] Module version :
      [ AutoPath] Init.
      [ VideoLoader] Init.
      [ VideoLoader] Module version :
      [ Gameplay] Init.
      [ Gameplay] Module version :
      [ Fileloader] Init.
      [ Fileloader] PES2014 file loader end log.

  5. Now works the kits but, still blue from PES.

  6. added music to the songloader locked

  7. Great work master! but... before, GDB show all kits, the map has been corrected but in the new version, doesn't show kits, only faces :C

    1. please upload "pes2014.log" it's useful for error tracking.

  8. jjenkey this luxury game, you wonder how lower the speed vacuum passes for my tastes are a little fast and with a lot of speed, I have configured the default game

  9. Sao bản này mình cài vào máy không nhận card rời vậy, các bản trước vẫn bình thường, âm thanh nghe giật giật lắm JEN?

    1. ban tai ban fix thu xem

    2. ban fix cung vay JEN? minh` thay file dsound.dll cua ban~ va`o thi` may' nhan. duoc. card roi`

    3. dung cai nay thu xem

  10. After 5 minutes of doing anything from palying a game or editing, the game is crashing... No error message. I use the original PES 2014 version 1.01, without any patches.

    Master Jenkey, I use your programms just for the gameplay because original gamepaly sucks so much !!!

    Hopefully, you can make a more stable fileloader in the future if you have spare time and desire.

    Thanks, anyway !

    1. please use RELOADED noDVD instead of original exe.
      Modding does not work correctly with original exe for some reasons.

  11. Dear Jenkey hello,
    after copying Reloaded exe
    fileloader seems not working.
    Game or ball speed stays the same even if i raise them.

    If you could please give an advice?


    1. did you rename name of "pes2014.ini" to the same with game exe ?

  12. Yes it's the same name

    1. make sure you run as administrator
      look into "pes2014.log" it'll tell you ball speed was changed or not.

  13. Hello Jenkey, first of all tanks for the magnificent tools, as alwayas,...second of all, im having the same problem, i run fileloader as an administrador, i ve increase the shot power and it seems to work, but the rest of the gameplay stills the same....konami bad gameplay...what can i do? thanks in advance

    1. what did you mean the rest of gameplay ?
      there're only ball speed & shot power slider. Gameplay is KONAMI original.

    2. Yes u are right!

      If you allow me a small feedback...

      Game chrash is over. After a long time i managed to play more than 2 halfs.
      Speed and gameplay is more enjoyable
      Some small bugs are still there... ( a lot of players in small area make game slower)

      Keep going and thanks a lot for your effort!!

  14. i mean the responsivness of the players, with previous versions of fileloader the responsivness of the players are improve,,,players are faster responding, with these fileloader version its like the original game...sily players lost on the pitch...takes seconds for the players to responde...but the shot power is working for me.

  15. Jenkey I really need to make a huge praise you once, it's super to see how your file loader is always better. Thank you for this great work.

  16. Classic Team Player in GDB Face are not available,There are ways to got it? Thx God!

  17. It really work perfectly Off and Online (Windows 8.1). The game just crash after Video Animation when you don't use game but it's not a serious problem. Thank you for your great Work!

  18. Jenkey, first of all, congratulations and thank you for your File Loader. I have a problem: I can't load the kits for teams whose uniforms I edited with PES Edit Mode. Could you help me with this?

  19. Hi Jenkey, thanks from Argentina for your hard work in this tools.
    Feedback: Ball speed slider causes distorted sound.

  20. Hi Jenkey, please as a video step format .usm???

  21. Jenkey, not crashing but... when added song stop, than music stop, not going another song. Can you fix it?

  22. Hey Jenkey, i got a problem with the skin color, i changed in config.txt but in-game the skin looks very pale, i even tried with "skin.color = 6" but still it doesnt work :s

    [Faceloader] Has custom skin texture.
    [Faceloader] Has face.
    [Faceloader] Has face edit hair.
    [Faceloader] Config.txt detected.

  23. Can we update the kits for licensed teams with this? , it doesn't seem to be working for me

  24. Master Jenkey, any chance to implement ID players with 6 or 7 numbers from fileloader or convert fake_ID in real_ID?

    Thanks in advance

  25. Hey jenkey, please insert the "free side selection" -tool in your next version! It' s important for us to play a League with 2 players offline! Thx

  26. Dear jenky ,there is a problem about faceloader :if the player type is fake or prue fake ,the player's face can not be loaded which is in GDB folder. the faces of these player are acquiesce of the game.please to slove it.

    1. I am so sorry ,jenky. This problem is not true .That is my mistake in game.

  27. no meu pes14pc quando uso file loader ele trava o jogo o medidor de uso da pu vai ate o 99, meu processador é um I7 3770k e uma placa geforce gtx670 2gb. Alguem sabe como usar o file loader sem dar esse bug?

  28. pes14pc when I use my file loader it crashes the game meter cpu usage goes up to 99, my processor is an I7 3770K and a geforce GTX670 2GB card. Anyone know how to use the loader file without giving this problem?

  29. pls make classic player id to file loader